Intriguing a Guy

Intriguing a Guy: Make Him Fall For You


To unfailingly intriguing a guy, you should make him believe you’re enthralling and leave him wanting more. You can’t put it all out there or reveal your true self to him. Because he will lose the interest to get to know you better and probably go away. There is nothing you leave him to wonder about you when you are not there. So intriguing a man means getting him to fall in love with you with even more enthusiasm and mystery than usual. The only thing you need to do is to create a perfect combination of that enigma and intensity in order to fascinate your guy.


Show a bit of interest in him


Show a bit of interest in him so as to see that you are worthy of his continuing interest. Keep him interested and also stay interesting. Give yourselves something to look forward to, a trip, a romantic movie in an old cinema, a pleasurable walk through some old parts of a city. If you give the guy absolutely no idea of your likes or dislikes, you won’t get anything back. He will not be fascinated by you if you just ignore him, pretending to be a strong-hearted and if he comes to know that you’re not interested in him at all whatsoever, he won’t do any efforts.

So, give him a small smile, retain eye contact, wave at him, or start a light conversation asking further questions and enjoy listening, It will knock him down. Just be sure to give him time to think about you and all the things you haven’t revealed to him yet.


Always tell the truth

If you are smart enough to avoid tough questions, you will easily answer the easy ones truthfully. Be yourself but don’t act as if you are naïve, hopeless, no-brainer and born yesterday. You are constantly thinking about how to react and what impression you are making. And it shows. He will notice it and it will not be intriguing, it will be boring. Your overthinking will put him off as well as your being nice and undemanding all the time. So, it’s ok not to be ok all the time. On the other hand, telling the truth in a confident manner will make you more interesting since the truth is so rare today and what’s rare it’s intriguing. So, be realistic and honest towards yourself in the first place.


Be funny and laugh together

Laughing can liberate you from stress but it can also make you intriguing especially if you are the one who tells jokes all the time or reviews events in a funny way. If you are capable of laughing together often and have a shared sense of humor, it also shows that you have plenty of common interests which is also a strong foundation.

Don’t play games

Playing hard to get may be interesting on a first few dates but then he will lose his patience and probably go away because he will feel wrung out and all over the place. In this way, you keep him intrigued on false pretenses and he will notice it eventually. So, playing games is counterproductive since it will unveil false you. If he falls in love with such a person what will happen when the masks falls off? He will not bother anymore and move on.

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