Money Can Buy Happiness

Money Can Buy Happiness in a Relationship: Truth?


They say that money makes the world go around; and while it’s true that most of us live in capitalist, materialistic Western societies, is it really true that money can buy love? Can you use your money to boost the happiness of both you and your partner? Sure, you can use the money to obtain great experiences, objects, and adventures for you and your partner. However, if the spark isn’t there, you won’t be able to buy it with all the money in the world.


What’s The Role of Money in a Relationship between Two People?


As you already heard and probably experienced, money is often a cause of arguments and fights within relationships. It’s also listed as one of the top reasons people get divorced. So, how is it possible that this material factor plays such a huge role in people’s emotional lives? Well, when it comes to male-female relationships, money serves as a status symbol and can change power dynamics. For example, women are often attracted to men who earn more, as opposed to men, who might feel threatened or intimidated by a woman who earns more than them.

Once you get into a relationship and marriage, at first you probably won’t discuss money, finances, and long-term plans. This is a very sensitive topic in the beginning. During your first couple of dates, you will simply be able to notice if your partner is stingy or generous, and find out whether they have a high-paying job or not. So, how is it possible that something so unimportant at the beginning of the relationship can put so much strain on it later on?


Money Can’t Buy Everything


Well, if you both have money, you will probably never even notice that this can be a relationship problem. This doesn’t mean that money solves relationship problems or that you can buy love; simply, wealthier people tend to think about money less. So, if they think about it less, it’s less likely that they will notice some money habits or spending of their partner. If both of the partners are low on money, it can, unfortunately, lead to a lot of conflicts. This applies to all parts of life, not just romance: when you’re lacking something, it’s all you seem to think about. It’s very easy to be worry-free about cash when you have it, but when you don’t, you’ll worry and obsess about it most of the time.

The most important thing is to accept that your financial situation is a part of your life and something that you’re bringing forward to your partner. It doesn’t mean that your finances are the most important thing in your relationship, but it’s always wise to regulate and balance your co-existence cash-wise as well. When it comes to marriage, money, and finances are important. That’s why we have developed, a marriage matchmaking service, where you can meet someone who shares your views regarding money and spending. You’ll always remember: love makes the world go around!

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