Last Ditch Ways Of Saving Your Relationships

Last Ditch Ways Of Saving Your Relationship

If your relationship is sinking faster than a titanic and if you’ve done everything possible to save it then you might be thinking what to do now



You are seeking ways of saving your relationship? Remember finger-pointing, martyrdom, complaining, withdrawing and stonewalling are not valid behaviors for fixing a shaky relationship.

So what you should if you think your relationship is going to end. You should try the below-mentioned tips. Hopefully, you’ll get things back on the track.


Relax together and get away from reality

Plan to spend a vacation. Make a getaway. Get away from reality to get in touch with each other. Whether you spend a night or a week, just focus on love and romance and never talk about old fights and issues. Talk about good memories like when you first met on


Trust that your spouse has a good heart

If your brain makes a conclusion about your partner, it doesn’t matter what he/she is doing to save the relationship. Never label your spouse a careless beast. Consider him like a normal person who is sometimes insensitive, forgetful and flawed like any normal human being.


Extend the branch . . . olives or not

Now is the time to say, “I’m sorry.” As a last try, you must admit your faults, beg, and ask for forgiveness. You must not only say ‘sorry’ verbally but also show with your attitude and gestures that what you say, you also mean it.

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Get professional help

You can’t solve your problems alone. You can’t solve all of your problems by talking in circles with the person who’s currently battling with the same amount of, if not more, bullshit that you are. Talk to a professional. Yes, you’ll have to spend money but you’ll at least get a solution.


Give yourselves some breathing room

Maybe you both need a break to seek ways of saving your relationship. You can spend a few days or a week with your friends or at a relative’s house. It will help you to rethink your relationship. You’ll be able to identify your faults and appreciate your partner’s presence in your life. A little distance never hurts.


Cut out anyone who stands in between the two of you

Get rid of anyone preventing your relationship from succeeding. There might be a person hurting your relationship; a friend or a family member. Avoid people who are not supportive of your relationship.


Give your partner a chance to revisit his behavior

Let your partner work on his shortcomings and faults. Give him the proper time to change or modify his behavior. In most cases, this technique works effectively.


Seek spiritual counseling

If you are trying to find ways of saving your relationship? A Religious leader like a rabbi or pastor can offer to counsel to the two of you or support as you try to get your marriage back together.


Never use the word ‘divorce’

Never treat your partner with the word ‘divorce’. Believe me, it will worsen the situation. You’ve to create a relaxed environment so never use the word ‘divorce’. Keep things simple and straightforward.

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