Loving Relationship

Loving Relationship: How to make it last a Lifetime


A loving relationship is what everyone strives for but it is not always easy to do. Relationships require time, work and trust. There are many ways to build a loving relationship. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Love Yourself First

You need to be happy with you are and accept yourself to be able to love others. Be proud of your achievements and love yourself. You are a whole person and do not need someone else to complete you. Learning to love yourself shows confidence to your partner and will help in building a loving relationship.


Accept Your Partner

Your partner’s personality was developed long before you even met each other. Accept that you are different and love your partner just as he is. Nobody is perfect and some small things may irritate you but this is what makes your relationship unique. The love you have far outweighed the irritation you feel when you see the tea bag left in the sink.


Enjoy Your Differences

Embrace the differences between you; this is what makes you a strong couple. Use them to build your relationship. One person may have stronger financial skills so let him be when he bugs you about overspending; another person might be a great cook but create a lot of dishes in the process. Do not fight about these issues; rather, come to a compromise to keep both of you happy.


Create a Safe Space

Your relationship is the one place where both people can feel safe and be themselves. Judgment is not allowed in your relationship. Open your heart to the other person’s emotions and allow them to confide in you. Fighting is a part of relationships but you need to set ground rules. Do not attack each other’s characters. Talk about issues in an understanding manner and listen to how the other person feels. Take responsibility for your mistakes.


Spend Time Together

Quality time together builds relationships and creates memories. Set out at least one night a week to spend time together without being distracted by other things. A good idea is to decide on one date out every month where you can do something fun and invest in each other’s lives. Doing small things for each other, like a back rub, shows the other person you care and doesn’t cost a cent. Make time every day to tell your partner about what you value and that you love her.


Love With All Your Heart

Love must be unconditional, accepting and forgiving. Let go of any restraints on your relationship and love the other person with all your heart. Tell him you love him and will always be there. Building a loving relationship starts with small acts of kindness and gratitude. Be happy for each other, accept the differences between you, and spend lots of time together. Value the love you receive and work on your relationship every day. As the months go by, you will draw closer together and build a loving relationship.

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