Complicated Relationship: How To Handle & Find Success

Complicated Relationship: How To Handle & Find Success

If it is possible, stay away from anything that is complicated, let alone a relationship


When you are in a complicated relationship, I know you might have not known from the beginning or recognized those red flags in a relationship, but when you do just walk away.

If however you got too deep in it and you love your guy it’s time to make a list of Q&As:


  1. What’s So Complicated  That Can’t Be Solved?

Many couples fight over trifles too much for so long that they can’t really tell the source of a problem. What’s worse they can’t even tell a problem. That is a complicated relationship for you.

So, write down the question: „What is the problem/problems?“ Then,  identify them-from the top of the iceberg down the bottom.

Try to be patient and to answer those questions honestly. After identifying the biggest of the problems ask yourselves if you can work it out on your own or you need help.

It’s ok if only one of you can recognize possible solutions to the problem that bothers you. The final aim is what matters- the two of you reconciled and back on track again.

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  1. What About Feelings?

It’s time to look into your feelings.  How would you feel if you ended up a relationship? Just think about it for a while and try to grab that emotion.

If your complicated relationship has turned into a habit,  and the feelings are less intense and exciting you are the lucky one actually.

The problem arises when feelings for each other are too strong but everyday life is unbearable because of your opposite attitudes towards almost everything.

I don’t say you should just give up but I guess you know it’s impossible to change someone and the only person who should change is yourself.  If you want to change someone it’s a time you turn the page and start looking for someone else.

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  1. Communication Issues

Most couples who are in relationships labeled as complicated don’t have healthy communication. They either don’t talk enough or they talk about unimportant issues.

Avoid talking about serious matters or issues in writing. If you don’t talk in personal messages, emails or letters can be misinterpreted.

If you need some time write down your thoughts so that you can easily remember all the issues when the time for talk comes.



       4.Spend Some Time Apart

Taking a break in a relationship can be very helpful if its aim is resolving the issues that the two of you couldn’t while being together.

With a clear head, you will feel more competent to think through your relationship its flaws and its bright sides. Don’t restrain yourself from texting or even calling your partner.

Just be sure that you are apart enough for taking all the things into consideration.

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  1. Remember You Love Your Partner in The First Place

Don’t forget the qualities you love about your partner and why you fell in love with them in the first place. At some point after all ups and downs giving up seems like the easiest option.

Just don’t forget that meeting someone new, as an option, will not be easy at all. You’ll have to go all these stages of a new relationship, falling in love, intimacy, and love.

So, it’s better to “revise” them with someone you already knew-with your partner and see where did it all go wrong.

Still, you can’t fix the complicated relationship? well! I am afraid you will have to move on. is surely a new stopover where you will find someone who with you are to start a fresh relationship.

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