Love, Lust & Infatuation

Love is a connection between two people on a deep emotional and spiritual level, whereas infatuation is temporary gratification, an unexplainable affection.  Lust, on the other hand, is a merely physical sexual attraction.  Great tips and advice on these positions can be found when you sign up to


A story was told about a young woman that was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  A speeding vehicle reared off the road and plowed into the young lady standing on the side of the road.  She was rushed to the hospital and due to her injuries was declared brain dead.  On the operating table, she was revived.  She had to be taught how to do everything was scratch.  Learning how to walk and talk, studying the alphabet afresh, even mathematics had to be learned from the primary education level.  During these recovery years, the young lady met a man who fell in love with her from the first day he met her.  Regardless that she was partly paralyzed and incapacitated, he fell head over heels in love with her.  A few years later once she was totally recovered, he married her.


This recount of this love story symbolizes the essence of true love.  Love is patient and love is kind.  Love does not judge unfairly and love does not discriminate.  This emotional connection stimulates romance and healthy sexual life.



Infatuation can be called unexplainable affection, one that precedes temporary gratification.  It may initially feel like love but there is no authentic devotion within it.  People that are infatuated realize that they are emotionally entangled in a relationship that they have no aspirations towards commitment or a long-term liaison.  Infatuation is merely a brief indulgence.

A couple can easily know if they are infatuated with a partner.  In the first instance, there are superficial reasons that draw couples together, like being drawn to one another by their physical appearance.  Human beings are inherently drawn to objects of beauty.  You may find a partner sexy or they could possibly resemble a favorite celebrity.  Secondly, a partner may bring out certain feelings of excitement or provide a distraction during times of disappointment or heartache.  So when a relationship is tested and intolerable experiences happen, this is the best time to acknowledge whether the relationship is based on love or infatuation.  A couple that is truly in love will face challenges, whether it be personality clashes or behavioral differences but because of their strong affection, they are more likely to overcome the problems.  But a couple whose relationship was initiated out of infatuation would very likely call it a day and move on.

True love is able to overcome many arguments, disagreements, and challenges, however, because infatuation has no gravity it cannot promise long term commitment.


Lust, on the other hand, is simply a physical attraction that is motivated towards sexual pleasure.

Hormones control the overall sexual state of men and women.  Testosterone is like a sex regulator that controls a couple’s decision making when they find themselves in moments of passion.  Undoubtedly because lust cannot be easily disciplined the result is usually sexual intercourse.  The warmth and intimacy of true love are not present.

Sexual intercourse driven by lust has little or no regard for the parties involved.  Lust causes partners to display risky sexual behaviors where their reactions supersede respect, sensitivity or consideration for each other’s feelings.  Once lust is finished the parties are left with feelings of guilt and shame.

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