Love Makes People Crazy? Lets Know Why

This is Why Love Makes People Crazy

“All is fair in love and war” is a saying that refers to the crazy decisions we make in exceptional circumstances. Both love and war are passionate affairs, inspiring us to act in ways that go against our character in such situations


At the beginning of a relationship, excitement thrills us and passionate love makes people crazy. In a new relationship, the anxiety of not knowing how the other person feels can drive us over the edge as well.

Infatuation is another form of being “love crazy” and can cause us to completely lose touch with reality.

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Acting Crazy in a New Relationship

At the beginning of a new relationship, we experience intense emotions tied to our desire to have our affections returned. The outcome of the relationship and the ability to know what the other person is feeling is out of our control completely. This can lead to extreme anxiety, while you try to figure out where you stand. An unknown is a scary place, and before you know it you find yourself acting completely crazy and not like yourself at all.

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Suddenly you find yourself obsessively checking your phone and social media. A new relationship brings out our fears and insecurities and you will probably begin to overanalyze the scenario, questioning yourself. Did I text too soon? Do they even like me? Why did I say that? Left unchecked these thoughts can run riot in your mind, and lead you down a dark and dangerous path of self-destruction.  Owing to these thoughts and shaky feelings love makes people crazy.


It Can Be Dangerous

As irrational thoughts swirl around your mind, you lose touch with reality and cannot accurately assess the situation. You may find yourself convinced that the object of your affection doesn’t feel the same way and so you decide to back off. Making an assumption about what another person is thinking or feeling is completely crazy. It can ruin a relationship before it has even begun.

By “mindreading” you will send completely the wrong message to your crush, who in turn feels the same way and also withdraws. The result is that two people who saw a glimpse of a future together, go back to being strangers. To avoid this, it is better to embrace the unknown and accept that the outcome is unpredictable. Yes, it can be scary, but it’s a risk you have to take for the chance of finding real love. Love makes people crazy but at the same time, it enriches their lives with perfection and care.


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