Dating a Guy after Being The “Other Woman”

Dating a Guy after Being The “Other Woman”

I dated quite a lot of people. Through my experiences, I learned a lot about love and human nature


From being an another woman to win the status of a girlfriend or a wife is quite a journey. Today I want to share a story with you about the one time when I was actually the “other woman”.


How I Became the “Other Woman”

I met Jean Pierre when I was just nineteen years old. We studied at the same university and he was the most gorgeous guy on campus. With dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes, it was hard not to notice him. I never thought I had a chance, so I didn’t pay much attention to the idea of us being together.

One day a group of us were going to the beach, and I casually invited Jean Pierre to join us. As we walked along the beach. He told me about his family and we were getting along really well. I didn’t actually know he had a girlfriend at that stage, and we kissed on the pier in a dream-like haze.

Over the next two weeks, JP and I started to hang out pretty often. He would come to my place and we would play music and make out. One night we slept together but we’re still only seeing each other casually. Shortly after we had shared a bed it somehow emerged that he, in fact, had a girlfriend.

At the time I wasn’t really into serious relationships and so I wasn’t hurt. But I didn’t want to continue seeing him because I didn’t want to be the “other woman”. So we stopped seeing each other and went on with our lives. In the following months, I would occasionally bump into him and his girlfriend.

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I saw them at the supermarket once and remember him putting his finger over his mouth behind her back. He was silently begging me not to say anything. I didn’t really want to get involved so I just said hi and carried on picking up the things I needed.


From Being the “Other Woman” to Girlfriend Status

A few years passed, and one day I received a message from JP on Facebook. He was asking how I’m doing and telling me that things had ended between him and his girlfriend. We started chatting and found that we had a lot to say to each other. I forgot all about the fact that I had been the “other woman”. I was surprisingly excited to hear from him after all that time.

It turned out that he was working on a cruise ship. And our long emails gave him the emotional support he needed. When he returned home from working on the ships. We connected and enjoyed spending time together so much that he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes, not thinking much of the fact that the way we had first met was not exactly traditional.

But soon Jean Pierre had to leave to work on the ships again. We said goodbye and went our separate ways. Things were going great between us and we were emailing more than ever, sometimes up to five long emails a day. I was caught up in a whirlwind romance, and couldn’t believe that I was dating such a gorgeous guy.

As time passed in our long distance relationship, it emerged that part of JP’s job was to host amazing parties on the ship. I worried about all the beautiful women at these events and Jean Pierre tried to reassure me that there was nothing going on. He even told me that a woman had begged to give him a blow job, and he had turned her away.

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It Didn’t Work Out

His attempt to convince me that there was nothing to worry about had the opposite effect. Who would turn away a blow job if they were begged? And who begs to give a blow job?! It was a little too much to believe. Especially given that we had originally met in a situation where I  was the “other woman”.

The thought of his infidelity began to occupy my mind a lot more than it used to. I had developed strong feelings for him. And yet the memory of what we had done began to haunt me. Who is to say that he wouldn’t do the same thing to me?

I found that I could not trust him, or believe what he was saying, so I ended it. They say that once a cheater, always a cheater. It is statistically true for the majority of infidelities. It is difficult to build trust if you know for a fact that your man has cheated in the past. (even if it wasn’t with you)

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By combining a shaky foundation with a long distance, I would say it’s impossible to work. He was a good boyfriend, but I couldn’t trust him which is sad because we could have had a wonderful life together.

I guess the moral of the story is to never get involved with someone when you have been the “other woman” with them. Even if they have changed, it will be a challenge to trust them. Trust is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. I am happy that I made a decision and left that relationship. Now I am happily married and my life is as beautiful as a fairy tale. Guess what? I had found my soul mate at Here at this website, we are given choice to choose from a number of serious, sober and willing guys.


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