Midlife Crisis

Signs a Man is Going Through Midlife Crisis


Men usually go through a midlife crisis between the ages of 35 and 55. This is not an uncommon thing and you, as a wife or girlfriend, should know how to spot the signs of your man going through a midlife crisis. Most importantly you need to know how to handle it.


A midlife crisis is a period in a person’s lifespan when they transition from a young-adult into an older adult. It’s during this time, that an individual thinks about everything they have achieved or haven’t achieved.  When a man thinks that he hasn’t achieved some of the goals or dreams he has set up for himself during his younger twenties or teens. Then he will act out. Meaning – he will do strange things to make up for the fact that he hasn’t done everything that he thought he would be a certain age.




  1. Buying expensive toys

The first thing any child says when they are younger is, “One day when I’m older I’m going to own a Ferrari,” or “One day when I’m rich I will have a helicopter.” The first sign of someone going through a midlife crisis is that they will buy an expensive car, vehicle or even a boat/yacht. This car symbolizes youth, accomplishment and wealth. Not necessarily the best choice, especially when you don’t have the financial means for it. Usually, this is an impulsive buy without consulting the spouse.


  1. Changes in mood

A man going through a midlife crisis will try to be something that he is not. If he is very kind and gentle and all of a sudden; he has changed into someone arrogant and cocky. He is trying to compensate for all the years he didn’t stand up for himself. He is compensating it my acting differently to what he usually does. Don’t worry – it will blow over.


  1. Changes in schedule

He is most probably a bit bored with his everyday routine. He is trying to change his schedule by doing something out of the ordinary. Maybe he started going to the gym at 4 am in the morning, when he usually slept in until 7 am.  Now, he is hanging out with friends or going on lunch dates. He is just trying something new. Don’t avoid your husband during this time. Try to arrange new fun things the two of you can do together. Something you never do, like going to a fun club that only closes at 3 am. Or going on a motorbike city tour. Have fun with him during his midlife crisis and your marriage will grow even stronger.


At GoMarry.com we completely understand that individuals within a marriage will have to grow together, and that means going through all phases of life. Committing to a ‘marriage only relationshipmeans that you agree upon the unwritten terms and conditions of marriage. You have to support, understand and unconditionally love your spouse while they go through specific phases in their lives. The worst thing you can do while your man is going through a midlife crisis is to freak out and fight or complain all the time. Give him his freedom, for a short duration, let him live out his unfulfilled accomplishments. You should always show him love and care at home. He should feel like he hasn’t made a mistake choosing you as his wife.

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