What are the Challenges in Dating If Someone Is Super Awkward

What are the Challenges in Dating If Someone Is Super Awkward

Your partner may be intelligent, charming and a total catch, but what would happen if he’s a super awkward


Maybe he has an entirely different approach towards the first touch, first kiss, or first coffee date. All of us have awkward moments like when we say something completely awkward at an important business meeting.

But the real issue with super awkward is that they’ve gazillion awkward moments. Awkwardness has become an integral part of their lives. And if you’re dating an awkward guy, you’ll have to face many challenges. You must know these challenges because super awkward is totally different from anyone you’ve ever dated.


They always over think

Maybe they are not a super genius but they are over thinkers. They always over analyze everything you text, say or write.  As a matter of fact, they over think every little moment that has happened between you two!


They don’t know when to laugh

They start laughing if you’re in a bad situation. It looks really awkward. They don’t want you to feel annoyed! But the problem is that they’re unable to understand how to react in certain situations.


They are unable to differentiate between friendship and love

It doesn’t matter how clear signals you’re giving to them, they just consider you as good friends. So you’ll have to do much effort to make them believe that you love them.


They’re ridiculously clumsy

Their body is full of bruises.  They develop a habit of tripping over their own feet and bumping into things. And they dance like they have two left feet, they drop things, and the list goes on and on.


They dream up conversations in your head

They imagine a certain type of conversation in their heads.  And they expect you to talk like that but you’ve no idea what they’re thinking.


Their flirting skills are below zero

They have zero flirting skills and they can’t express feelings through eye contact or other gestures. Maybe they send you a romantic movie they love they think you’ll like.

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Super awkward makes weird faces

It’s an important part of their awkwardness. Ignore it and move forward.


No selfies, please

They always look uncomfortable when you ask them for a selfie. They even don’t like group photos. They’re always reluctant.


They freeze often when you are near

If you’re near, their brain goes completely blank. They barely pronounce words, and they get to the point where it is even hard to move. If you want to kiss them on the cheek or hug them, they even don’t know how to react. However, sometimes such awkwardness looks so cute. If you want to enjoy such cuteness, register at GoMarry.com, the world’s leading marriage site.


They use awkward language

They have been known to accidentally make up new words, or use normal words incorrectly. And they don’t have control over what is coming out of their mouth.

Their body language is bizarre

They have no control over their body. They don’t know how to hold their body in certain situations.

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