Misogynistic Relationship

If you’re a woman you’ve probably heard that misogynistic men are the worst kind to be in a relationship with. Misogyny literally means the hatred of women, bad right? Almost impossible to believe that there are men out there who hate women. But how do you know if you’re caught up in a relationship with a misogynist?

Here are a few tell-tale signs that you are stuck in a toxic relationship with a misogynist.


  1. Controlling

A misogynistic man believes that he has the right to control his wife’s every action. She has to be in total obedience and if she doesn’t obey, he will punish her by inflicting physical or emotional abuse.

  1. Double-life

This man is usually very charming in public, he seems like every woman’s wildest dream. But when he is at home he lets go of the façade and then the real person shows his face.

  1. Devalues

He doesn’t value any of his wife’s or her friends’ opinions.  He diminishes and undermines her constantly. It’s his way or no way, her opinion doesn’t count.

  1. Throws tantrums

Believe it or not, but a man with misogynistic traits will throw a huge tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. He will yell, hit and threaten when he doesn’t get what he wants or if the wife does something he doesn’t like.

  1. Emotional roller-coaster

His feelings are off-balance and up and down. Without any warning signs, he will change from someone loveable into an angry and cruel monster. Throwing objects at her and breaking her possessions.

  1. Possessive

Uncontrollably jealous and possessive over his wife. He doesn’t like her talking to anyone outside of their house especially not someone from the opposite sex.

  1. Never satisfied

No matter what his wife tries to do to please him, he will never be happy or content. He is constantly blaming her for his sadness and telling her that she’s not doing enough. Making her feel very inadequate.

  1. Blame game

He will always blame his wife for anything that goes wrong. And when something does go wrong, he will make sure that she knows it was her fault. He doesn’t take any responsibility and shifts the blame onto her even if he was at fault.

Do you recognize any of the above tell-tale signs? Then it’s time for you to get out of this relationship. Find someone that matches you perfectly on GoMarry.com. You deserve to be happy!


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