Most Effective Ways of Building Trust

The are the Most Effective Ways of Building Trust

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. You might have heard a lot of people asking the question “without trust, what do we have”?


Ordinary online dating is totally blind as far as trust in a relationship is concerned. Dating for the sake of mere sex or sleepover is a pathway to disappointment and cheating. values trust and encourages partners in marriage only relationships to build trust and to be trustworthy and committed.

Building a foundation towards a successful marriage should include working towards a completely trusting each other.

Many relationships are unsuccessful and end up in failure because one or both of the partners have broken the trust.

If the bond of loyalty and trustworthiness is strong in a marriage it will be successful. The only thing you have to do is make sure you work hard at it!

Here are my tips on effective ways you could apply to build mutual understanding within your marriage only relationship.



The first and most basic way of building trust is to be completely transparent and honest. Avoid lying about even the small things. Telling white lies may seem harmless but it creates paranoia within your partner.

Even if you made a mistake, don’t try to hide it. Be honest and always confess about what you’ve done.

Your partner will learn to trust you and will know that you’ll tell the truth no matter how hard it is for you to tell it.



Don’t make unrealistic promises you can’t keep. Your word should be your truth and you should follow through on it.

If you promise to take her on a holiday – take her on a holiday. If you promise to cook him his favorite dish – cook him his favorite dish. Don’t wait for your partner to remind you to stick to your word.


If, for some reason, you lied or didn’t keep your promise. You should make up for it. Making up for things you said you’d do and didn’t is a big part of creating trust. This shows that you are committed and that you care.



Don’t create expectations that you can’t meet. If you promise your partner that you’ll buy them a brand-new car for their next birthday. It should be something that you can really do. If you get them a second-hand car for their next birthday, in a color they don’t really like – you have set up their expectations too high and it will fire back!

Giving your partner something without them expecting anything will create trust and gratefulness.


How Can You Gain Trust After It Has Been Broken?

I’ve written an article giving you guidelines on how to win trust back after it has been broken.

If this sounds like an impossible task. Try to commit to working on trust issues and your relationship will be stronger than ever.

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