How To Make Them Respect You In a Relationship


There are many girls out who have been in the situation where they’re putting their heart and soul into a relationship, only to find out that their man only sees them as an option? It doesn’t feel great to know that you’re not the priority you hope to be.

There are some fairly common signs to look out for when trying to figure out whether you’re a priority or an option.

  1. If your man refuses to be exclusive with you and make your relationship official, there’s a good chance he has other girls on the side and you’re just one name on his list.
  2. If he’s always making excuses and somehow never has time for you, then he’s probably spending time with other girls and only gives you just enough attention to keep you interested. This could come in the form of ignoring your calls, taking a long time to reply to messages, always putting off dates for another time, or just being generally unreliable.
  3. Another common scenario is where he won’t open himself up to you, and he insists on prolonging the impermanence of the relationship. This is most likely because, even though he may not be seeing anyone else, he doesn’t see you as a part of his future and he’s just keeping you around because he doesn’t want to be completely alone.
Keeping the Distance

It’s questionable as to why men act this way. A man is hard-wired to be the lookout for potential mates. He remains emotionally unavailable if they confine to just one partner. Or is it a reaction to past experience? Perhaps when he planned to settle down with a woman,  he has let down too many times. He begins to detach so that he doesn’t get caught up in feelings again. He keeps every relationship casual because he doesn’t want to be left vulnerable and exposed. If he keeps his distance, he’s the one in charge; & can’t get hurt. You can find more possible reasons in this article as well.

Seriousness About Relationship

Lots of women put up with this behavior due to feelings of inadequacy. They think that they can’t find anyone better, so they cling on to what they have even though they know they deserve better. Or perhaps they’re not serious about the relationship either, in which case they’re happy not making any real commitments. If it’s a serious meaningful relationship you’re looking for, you can’t accept this kind of attitude.

Hanging around with someone in the hopes that they decide to value your presence in their life at some point, is unhealthy and quite frankly, a little immature. You need to recognize what’s worth your time and what isn’t. There should be a balance between you two if you’re going into a great relationship. Your partner will make time for you above everything else. With the idea of commitment, he’ll embrace the idea &  seeing it as a privilege to be with you, not just a circumstance that he can take you as an option.

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