Painful Rebound Relationship

Painful Rebound Relationship: When You Are The Rebound

Any relationship which comes to an end is going to be painful. Even when it is you who are ending things. You were obviously with that person for a reason, so even though things have failed. There is still going to be some hurt in there for you, no matter what. Which brings us to being the rebound in the rebound relationship, which nobody is ever really happy being, no matter how much they try to convince themselves otherwise. When you are the rebound in a rebound relationship. It is a really difficult situation to be in. Because the person you are with is not themselves and doesn’t treat you how you deserve to be treated.

If you are with someone who has just come out of a relationship. Then things are going to be tough on you. It is a fact that they are still going to be in some pain over their previous relationship. They are going to be emotionally unstable and it will all come down on you in the end. There will be numerous occasions where you feel will unwanted and unloved because your new rebound partner is having some emotional issues and is refusing to answer your calls and texts. This will make even the strongest of people feel hurt and used.

The thing about being the rebound in a rebound relationship is that you need to remember that the other person simply wants somebody there to fill that gap that was left behind. They don’t see you as anyone special and you are just filling the void until someone better comes along. So what should you do if you are the rebound in the rebound relationship?

Try following these steps:
Set the Pace:

It is important that you make sure that you set the pace and don’t let them dictate things. If you let them have the control then things are definitely not going to end well for you.


Take it Slow:

Now that you are in charge of setting the pace, make sure that you take it slow and don’t rush things. It is likely that they just want to use you for a quick fling, so don’t let it happen that fast. Let things progress at a slow pace and it will work out better for you.


Be Guarded:

Finally, make sure that you always keep your guard up in these early stages, as you are likely to get hurt if you let them in too soon. The chances are this rebound relationship won’t last, to prevent yourself from getting hurt too much, by being guarded. When all is said and done, being the rebound in a rebound relationship is never a good place to be, so be sure that this is something you are truly comfortable with. If you’re not, then walk away, as it could save you a lot of pain in the long run.


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