Deepest Desires

Deepest Desires: What a Man Craves in Relationship


Have you ever heard the saying: “Men only want one thing and that is – Sex?” This is such a biased and uninformed opinion. Yes, men really enjoy sex, so do women, but it’s definitely not the only thing that they crave within a relationship. There are many other things that men like to get in a relationship that is not just physically aimed. encourages full rounded relationships that are fulfilling in all kinds of ways. To help you tend to your man’s deepest desires within your relationship to ensure its future success. I’ve put together a complete list of things your man craves in your relationship to help you give it to him.


He Craves Respect

Whether he is the sole provider in your relationship, or you are working together as a team. The honest truth is, your partner is working hard to impress you. He wants to keep you safe, gain your trust and above all let you respect him. If you’re not trusting his opinions or listening to his advice you are showing him that you don’t respect him. Be cautious when you speak to your man, always address him with respect and he will give you the world.


He Craves Unconditional Love

Deep down, men want women to love them unconditionally. He wants you to accept him for the untidy and sometimes untactfully man that he is. But most of all he just wants your love. When a man chooses a woman, he chooses her to love her forever. His love doesn’t change with his mood. His love stays the same. That’s why he expects the same love from you.


He Craves To be Your Safe Place

Providing you with security and safety is a man’s natural purpose. He wants you to think of him as your home away from home. He wants to be your protector and safe place. Tell him that he is.


He Craves Attention & Compliment

Have your man ever become crazily cranky or moody, it’s most probably because he is need of some sweet old tender loving care. Just as much as you need love and attention. So does he! Don’t forget to give it to him. You can never stroke a man’s ego enough. Complimenting him on everything he does is a great way of tending to your man’s needs.


He Craves Stable And Calm Environment

You know your man needs a calm environment when he comes home after a long day of work. He really doesn’t like mood swings, fights or talking about relationship problems all the time. When you are in a habit of screaming and fighting about everything that is wrong in your relationship. Make a point of working on handling it much better.


He Craves Emotional & Physical Attraction

I’ve written many articles about the importance of emotional and physical attraction. Because it’s really important. Men also want to connect on a deeper level with their girlfriend. They want to be attracted to you physically and emotionally. Not only the one or the other.

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