Perfection: Stop Looking For it & Live Your Best Life

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘perfection’ and what it means to be perfect, to have a perfect life, or to find the perfect partner. I’ve received many messages from single hopefuls who are looking for the perfect spouse.


What is a Perfect Partner?

Singles have this dream that they’ll meet someone gorgeous, can cook amazing food, be great in social situations, have an awesome personality, who are talented, who don’t complain, who is wealthy, and who will be the perfect parent. WOW! Doesn’t this seem like an individual without any flaws? Does someone like this even exist?

Even though can help you find the perfect match for you, there isn’t anyone or anything in this world that is perfect. I am a firm believer that ‘perfection’ doesn’t exist. Everything or anyone can’t be perfect all the time. It is possible to work towards a healthy relationship; it is possible to find someone who completes you and encourages you to grow and be a better version of yourself. To believe that you’ll find a spouse that never loses their cool or who won’t make mistakes isn’t reality.

When we stop looking for perfection, we start to live a life as best as we can. Here is how:


Be The Best Version Of  You

Without criticizing yourself and constantly finding flaws with your body or your personality. You should try to be the best version of yourself. Notice where you can improve your behavior or avoid doing immoral things. Find ways in which you can become a better partner, a better son or daughter, a better employee, and do it. But don’t try to reach for things that aren’t within your capability. Always try to be the best version of yourself, without self-doubt.


Embrace the Imperfections

As a matter of fact, I do believe that it’s our imperfections that make us special and unique. It’s our experiences that form us into the complex and complicated human beings we are today. Embrace your imperfections and accept them. If you aren’t a great dancer, embrace it. If you are born with two left feet you shouldn’t avoid going dancing altogether. Dance as if no one is watching. If there is something about your body that you think isn’t good enough or attractive enough, embrace it. If you are curvy, embrace, and love your curves.


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The most attractive thing about a person is self-confidence. Find the beauty in your life, find the good and stop caring so much of what others around you think. Once you start loving yourself, you’ll start living the best life you can live. Your positive energy will attract many people around you, and without you even noticing it, you will encourage others to live their best lives too. Signing up to won’t help you meet someone perfect. It will help you match up with someone perfect for you!


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