Everyone goes through different phases during break up

Breakup: Different Phases You Should be Aware Of

Many of us have been in relationships that have not worked out for us. When we had enough, we part our ways. Everyone goes through different phases during break up.  Breakup is not by choice.  Sometimes things so happen that we have to make a separation. We just get caught off guard and we are dumped.


When someone you are so in love with tells you that they don’t want to be with you anymore, it really is heartbreaking. And you really do feel like it is the end of the world.  Anybody who has ever tasted breakup knows that there are certain phases that you have to go through after a breakup.


Different phases of Breakup

When you are shown red flags,  you felt battered and we remain shocked.  It feels you were never expected this could actually happen to you.


Mourning phase

After recovering from the deadly shock we slowly realize the loss. This realization turns a mourning mood on in us.  We mourn the loss and keep sighing heavily like a furnace.


Time to Spend some time for yourself  

When we are in a relationship, we hardly manage time for our own self. Now when you have parted ways, you would get a chance to spend a lot of time on your own, crying, trying to come to terms with what has just happened. This phase of breakup actually helps overcome the heartache. You start loving yourself which is a good sign for your personal growth.


You might end up stalking your ex

It is a kind of dangerous phase of a breakup. In a bid to revenge things or just out of curiosity, you may end up stalking your ex. Maybe you try to stalk their social media. Or you may go to the places you know your ex could be spotted from. this phase of a breakup should be avoided.


You need to accept the fact that your relationship is now over. You have parted ways and have mourned over the loss. Now instead of chasing a ghost, let them go and live your own life.


Let time heal the wounds

It is important that we go through these phases of a breakup, as they are all going to help us to heal in the long run. Remember that everything is going to be OK and that you will feel fine, eventually. Embrace the phases, have your time mourning the break-up, but make sure that you don’t dwell on it for too long.


Acceptance is just around the corner. Stay strong and, once you have moved on, you will see true love coming your way. Post your profile at gomarry.com and let the love heal you.

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