Relationship Progression Timeline (Where do you stand?)

Humans are an emotional creature; they experience different emotions during different stages of their lives. Relationships could be different for different people; however, the true essence of a relationship always stays the same. Relationships are meant to bring happiness for the partners. An ideal relationship goes through different stages, but the basic progression of the relationships stays the same in all the relationships.


The relationship progression timeline starts with the meeting of two people. This meeting plays an important role in the successful progression of the relationship timeline. The first meeting can be awkward, or it could be a pleasant experience. This meeting is the initial stage of the relationship in a progression stage.


The second stage comes when you get to know each other. People show curiosity in learning about the common interests, likes, and dislikes of each other. They start communicating more to develop a core understanding of each other. This stage determines the chances of your meeting and progressing further in your relationship.


People often develop feelings of love and infatuation during this second stage. A couple will show great interest in each other because they are trying to know more about each other. A couple often leaves because they find disagreement in their personalities.


If everything goes well, you get to the third stage of the relationship progression timeline. A couple will show a profound urge to know about their partner during this third stage. They often disclose their feelings and emotions to each other during the third stage. They develop understanding, trust, and other values in the relationship. Their communication becomes better, and they tend to develop a better understanding of their personalities.


They might discover differences and conflicted behaviors in their personalities. This is the most important stage of a relationship progression timeline. Couples begin to think about their future together. The time of these stages varies to different people. It is crucial for you to understand your feelings and thoughts before showing commitment in a relationship.


Relationship progression involves certain stages for establishing perfect understanding during the relationships. If couples rush through the things and do not spend enough time learning about personal interests and values, this can result in the future disagreements between couples.


Couples might go through tough conflicted conversations during the relationship progression timeline. If everything goes well and you are ready to commit to your partner, this will get progressed with an official commitment through engagement or wedding. However, people might refuse to show commitment, and they will leave. It would be a devastating part of the relationship timeline.


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