Positive Stress is Needed for a Happier Relationship

Why Positive Stress is Needed for a Happier Relationship

Although it is not healthy to experience overwhelming stress in a relationship, a small amount of positive stress can be beneficial


There is a difference between negative stress (distress) and positive stress (eustress).

Positive stress (Eustress) inspires action and motivates learning as well as improving memory. The result is an increase in alertness and performance.

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They say that a comfort zone is a beautiful place but it is a fact that nothing ever grows there. This is true of all aspects of life.  Hence it makes sense that getting too comfortable in a relationship is not a wise move.

By making zero effort towards the development of the partnership, this can actually be viewed as a lack of appreciation towards your partner. There is always room for improvement and you always run the risk of replacement.

These days with divorce and breakups being completely socially acceptable, it is not a smart move to spend your time selfishly in the pursuit of personal pleasure. Making sacrifices and being considerate doesn’t always come naturally and can be seen as minor stressors.

However, this small amount of positive stress is just the right medicine to keep both partners on their toes and take the relationship to new heights.



By giving up what you want at the moment, you are able to get something that you want more in the future. (like a happy relationship)

Positive stress is all about learning to pick your battles and know when it is right to give up your desires for the greater good. (https://articles.gomarry.com/sacrifice-for-love/)

The challenge of overcoming temptation and sacrificing what you would like for what is right. It makes the act of sacrifice a meaningful contribution to any partnership and will not go unappreciated.

For example, you might want to sleep in on Sunday, but your significant other has entered a marathon and needs your support. Unless you are too comfortable, you will choose to wake up at 3 AM and be there for your partner.

Some couples that have been together for a really long time forget that they need to make an effort. It results in some pretty shocking behavior that causes them to drift apart. Just because you have faith that your other half will never leave you? It doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that and give them a reason to reconsider or stray.



If your partner knows that you react a certain way to certain things. They will take care not to do those things to keep you happy.

For example, you might feel strongly about not leaving teaspoons lying around the kitchen, and your partner couldn’t care less. Yet each time they make a cup of tea or coffee, they take care to put the spoon in the sink because they are thinking about your feelings. It might be slightly annoying to them to execute such strict control over their movements, but they do it anyway. It is the stress they take for us and that is why it is called needful positive stress.

Likewise, you should learn to keep them in mind as you go about your day.

Every choice you make is a choice that will have an impact on your love life. So try to put your partner first in everything that you do. Take some stress and work things out for the comfort of two of you.

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