Public Display of Affection Spices Up Your Relationship

How Public Display of Affection Spices Up Your Relationship

If you haven’t gone for public display of affection for some time, it’s time that you grab your spouse’s hand or body and spice up your relationship


Remember! Being affectionate towards each other in a public area can be quite exciting.

Showing public affection doesn’t have to be the two of you getting all steamy in front of strangers. Public display of affection does not mean that two people really going at it in a public place. You know doing things in public around children and families, can be quite disgusting.

Public Display of Affection (or PDA) can literally be holding each other’s hands while walking next to a scenic spot. Or giving each other a small peck on the cheek. Hugging and just looking into each other’s eyes can also be a sweet (and family friendly) way of showing that you care.


But why does PDA spice up your relationship?

There’s just something about public display of affection that shows others that you are taken.

Friends who walk in public won’t hold hands and kiss. But a couple that is really connected will touch each other to show that they are in a committed relationship.

There’s also another positive outcome to the public display of affection (PDA) and that is – foreplay. Yes, a gentle and sneaky kiss on the neck, while there are other people around, can really get the endorphins flowing.

Flirting with your spouse shouldn’t be something that is overlooked. Flirting, kissing and holding hands are great displays of affection to keep the passionate fire burning.


Build Each Other’s Confidence

Touching your spouse while being in public can really make them feel special. Confidence in the relationship is established. Public display of affection makes a partner feel like the other isn’t ashamed to show the world that they are taken.


Claiming What is Yours

PDA is also a way of claiming what is yours. If you kiss in public you are showing everyone in near proximity that “this man right here, yeah, this beautiful guy, he is all mine! And you can’t have him!”



Another positive result of showing public affection is that it serves as a bit of foreplay. A sneaky soft kiss in the neck) can’t turn into full-blown snogging. (

It shows that your man is your dream guy and that he really finds you attractive.

Public Display of Affection, when done in the right way, can put the zing back in your relationship. It can connect the two of you on an intimate level that is beyond measure.

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