Is it Cheating To Confess Relationship Woes to an Online Confidant

Relationship Woes:Is it Cheating  To Confess to an Online Confidant

Healthy and happy relationships should be based on a strong foundation which involves attraction, great communication, trust, love, and perfect chemistry


Relationship woes are hard to keep secret. Here is a big question. Should you talk to an online friend about your relationship issues? It may be a great idea sometimes and not at another time.

You’re enjoying your relationship and going along really well… until you hit a snag and now you need. When you’re going through a bumpy phase in your relationship, it’s quite common to turn to a friend or a family member for a supportive ear.

Thanks to the advancement in technology. We can now spill our guts to confidants around the world. However, this digital convenience is accompanied by some complex and serious relationship issues. Well, it may be really disturbing and frustrating for your partner when he comes to know that you’re sharing his shortcomings with an online friend he knows next to nothing about.

It’s human nature that we need someone to confide in when we’re going through emotional challenges.


So when it becomes cheating?

Well, you’re discussing your relationship woes with an online friend and asking for his advice. It’s quite normal and you need not worry about it because it doesn’t fall into the category of cheating. However, it becomes cheating if you get actively involved in that friend and hides it from your partner.

Further, there are great chances that you’ll get emotionally involved with the confidant. Maybe the next step is going on a date with your online friend. What would your partner do in that situation?

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If you’re not telling your partner the whole truth

if you tell your partner that your online friend is only a ‘friend’ and you’ve no feelings for him. He is not attractive at all. You just pass time with him. If you don’t tell your partner the truth, it will make him insecure and frustrated. Well, you can admit that you’ve some attraction for your online friend. But you can clarify that you’ve no such feelings for him as you’ve for your current partner. Revealing details, though, can be helpful.


Calling him when you’re worried

Your partner is there to help you in all respects. So there is no need to discuss relationship woes with an online confidant. It shows you trust more of your online friend than your current partner. Believe me; your partner will not be able to bear this.

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Sharing intimate issues

If you share thoughts, deepest concerns, fears, hopes and passion, it can deepen intimacy. It results in the development of a love bond between two individuals. Sometimes, you start feeling emotional intimacy stronger than your sexual relations. It’s nothing but cheating.


Keeping a secret computer folder for messages

Are you deleting text messages of your confidant? Are you hiding your Whatsapp chat from your partner? Yes, you may be feeling alone but this is not the right way to deal with the issues. You must stop it right now because it falls in the category of cheating on your partner.

Stay cool and talk to your partner. Try to revive the memories when you first met on You’ll surely find a solution.

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