115. Talk about the News

The internet boom has given us a lot of ways of accessing the news. Which means a lot more people are now reading, listening, watching the news than ever before.

Asking some of the following questions will tell you a great deal about your partner’s personality and outlook of the world. The ultimate decision is still yours on whether you like or dislike their answers:

  • Where do you get your news (TV news, radio, newspapers, the Internet etc)?
  • What news feed/channel/source do you use the most?
  • Do you believe everything you read and see in the news, or do you question where information is coming from and what the true agenda is?
  • Do you follow only local or international news also?
  • Do you seek out media with diverse perspectives on the news?
  • Do you follow alternative media?
  • Who is the president/prime minister of XYZ country?
  • What media sources do you not trust?

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