Triad Relationship

Triad Relationship: Benefits & Complication of This


The most basic form of polyamorous relationships is a triad. Triad forms between three people want a physical, emotional and romantic relationship with each other. A successful relationship requires understanding from all three parties for long term happiness.

Defining a Triad Relationship

A triad relationship is not the same as a threesome. Threesomes are purely for sexual pleasure. Triad relationships go beyond the sexual side and include an emotional relationship too. It is a consensual relationship that all three individuals agree on. The triad relationship is not cheating since everyone knows about the others and has a relationship with both the other partners. Each partner gets equal attention and no sexual preferences exist within the triad.

Ground rules are necessary for a triad relationship to know what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Respecting each other and honest communication is vital. At the beginning of the relationship, they decide rules regarding finances, living arrangements and so forth. This avoids complications at a later stage.

Benefits of a Triad Relationship

The benefits are both physical and emotional. All individuals care for each other and provide support. It is easier to get through difficult times as your partners will help you to cope. Many individuals feel they satisfy each other and never get jealous of others’ relationships. It can also be a safer relationship. There are always at least two people who can be there for each other. You will not be alone if one of the partners is out of town. Someone can always get to you quickly in an emergency.

The sex is always interesting and never boring. All partners can share sexual experience at once but only between two partners at times. Not everyone likes the same styles of sex and some are more daring than others. A triad relationship gives you the opportunity to explore different things in a safe environment. If one of the partners does not like that style then he can sit out without feeling guilty.

Difficulties of a Triad Relationship

It is inevitable that one partner will feel neglected at some time. As much as equal attention must be given, it is not always easy to do. Be aware of how much attention you give to each partner and do not play favorites. This can lead to jealousy, which is undesirable. Normal family life is complicated by a triad relationship and needs to be discussed at the start of a relationship. You may decide to live together or separately. Financial contributions must be discussed if you live together, determine who will pay which expenses.

Marriage is not possible with more than one partner in some cultures and countries. You have to be satisfied that your promises to each other are enough and that your decision may be frowned upon by outsiders. These are against the norm so expect opposition. Raising children in a triad relationship can be tricky. You need to decide if you parent together or if the biological parents are the only ones dishing out discipline. Stick to your decisions. Adoptions are almost impossible as the law only allows for two parents and not three.

Triad relationships have complications but the benefits outweigh the difficulties. Communicate with your partners and enjoy life together.

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