Real Drift

Real Drift: Signs of Indifference In a Relationship


Feelings of indifference in a relationship are recognized as the lack of interest, involvement, and consideration between two partners. Relationships should be enjoyable for couples; these indifferences will eventually drain your interest and care for your partner in the relationship. The deficiency of importance in the relationship could be a central sign of indifference that could predict a real drift in a relationship. Some of the other significant signs of indifference have been compiled below:

Lack of intimacy in the relationship


There could be many reasons for the lack of physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship. It might be the result of a hectic work routine or sickness. However, the lack of sexual intimacy in the relationship could be the initiation of indifference in the relationship and eventually leads to a real drift between couples. It actually starts form the emotional disconnection. So, if you see that your partner is not exhibiting some specific emotions for you, then it is an alarming sign.


Lack of effective communication


Effective communication is the key to a successful relationship. The lack of communication and decreased desire for expressing your thoughts and emotions to your partner is often considered as the indifference in your relationship. Couples often decrease their effort to keep up with the ongoing situations of your partner’s life.


If your partner is not interested in discussing some big or small issues with you, then it is a clear indication that he or she is indifferent in the relationship.


Lose of humor and laughter


Enjoying a healthy companionship and laughing on the silly things with your partner determines the glow in your relationship. However, if you have been distant from your partner and laughter has disappeared from the lives of you both, this could be another possible sign of a real drift from your partner. It could be a sign that you both are not together in the same phase. It can also indicate that you both are at a different stage of connection to each other.

Infrequent fights in the relationship


A healthy relationship comprises fights and disagreements. The couple often fights or discuss their concerns during their relationship. They exert effort and energy to make their differences right in order to enjoy a healthy relationship with their partner. However, people often ignore them during an indifference situation. They do not bother paying attention and effort to solve the differences.


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Looking intimacy from other people


Couples tend to look at other people to fulfill their need for intimacy in an indifference relationship. This could be another sign that they are getting done with their previous relationship and are looking for a way out.


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