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Relationship: Transition From Dating


The terms ‘dating’ and ‘relationships’ have often been used interchangeably so that many would view the two as synonymous to each other, as I do btw. Although the two include two different persons, these two terms could not differ more from each other. The initial difference would be that of seriousness involved in both kinds of connection. When two people are dating, there is no specific level of commitment between them. This is because dating is all about seeking a suitable partner. Doing fun things together, watching movies, hanging together is a casual form or foreplay of a relationship.


On the other hand, the relationship entails a certain level of commitment. It’s more “serious”. People in a relationship refer to their partner as his or her boyfriend or girlfriend. Getting to know each other process is reaching an end so they can discuss personal problems and challenges. As human beings, we all want that deep connection and partnership that makes us feel safe.


So, let’s look at this topic optimistically. Just look at the hundreds of millions of men around the world who are committed and in a relationship. I admit that sometimes it’s really hard to say if two people want only to hook up with and call it –dating, or they are ready to commit. And you shouldn’t be scared of being committed and thus prolonging your dating stage forever. Because, if it doesn’t work you can walk out as freely as from a relationship. The ends are always the same, aren’t they? So, here are some signs that dating is turning into a relationship:


When You Feel You Want to Invest Yourself Into Something Big e.a Relationship

This feeling comes along with feelings of being safe, appreciated, happy and free to be yourself. It’s when you know that he is emotionally available, when you can’t get enough of each other and when he is ready to become exclusive and committed to you only. You should also be happily single in order to achieve this state which means that you no longer compromise yourself just for the sake of not being single!


When You Have An Open Communication

It comes along when the two of you think in pretty the same way and you can talk about everything without blaming or accusing. You are ready to get out of your comfort zone and accept the things as they are.  It’s when you know to agree, disagree or, meet somewhere in the middle.


When You Don’t Want To Date Other People Because You Want To Focus On Your Partner

If her answer on your question –Do you want us to be exclusive –is –Maybe down the road…then it’s definitely just dating.  On the other hand, maybe you haven’t had the courage to have „the talk“ at all. If however, you are ready to leave 3,5 billion persons behind you then that’s it. These signs are just a few of the many.


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