Reprogram Your Mind

How To Reprogram Your Mind – Your EX Was Not The One


We have all been there. On both sides presumably-heart broken one and a heartbreaker.

It’s tough. You want me to explain to myself that my ex is not for me? That he wasn’t meant and not the one? Oh Gosh! That’s not how things work. I don’t even have that person who will witness my emotion and explain to me, why should I accept the breakup with the best guy I ever met? And who is smart enough to make such a judgment. When I finally went through famous five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, I somehow learned to live with the loss.  I know I had to go through all this because if it happens once again I will be stronger and ready to accept the break up more easily.


The support of friend and family

The hardest thing I had to accept was that all of a sudden, all my friends and family started to talk about him as if he was never a part of my life. A great part of it. In their opinion, he was worthless, rude, not worthy of me. What a sudden change of opinion! Only a few days ago they found him incredibly cute, reliable and honest. I know I had to do something to change my beliefs about him in a similar way they do. Because unlike me, they weren’t emotionally engaged. And the emotions are the hardest to change, much harder than our beliefs.


Change your beliefs and emotions

So I finally accepted that I have to change my beliefs, emotions, reactions and the end result-reactions. Neuroscience or neuroplasticity seemed to be the best possible solution for reprogramming my mind. Neuroscience says that our brains are not hard-wired, their structure can be changed and it’s a field that neuroplasticity covers. To put it briefly and concisely you can change your mind by thought alone. If you have positive thoughts your mind and brain will look completely different than the negative one.


Reprogram your mind which is not hard-wired as we all have thought for centuries

And how will you reprogram your mind to think that your ex really isn’t for you? Easily. According to two super simple neuroscientists Dr. Joe Dispensa and Dr. Bruce Lipton, all we have to do is to write down every reason why do we think that he is not the one. It’s not easy, but you can always lie. My text goes something like this:” He was perfect in the beginning and brought back my faith in love. Shortly after that that he became an a**hole who was cheating on me. He was disrespectful, rude and insensitive. I deserve much better. Wish you all the best Peter. P:S: I want you to find out what’s the feeling of being cheated on. You can text me when you found out. Cheers!”

I intentionally make it a bit humorous because our subconscious mind especially when we are in a game state reacts better to humor than serious words.


Record your wishes

Once you’ve written it down you will have to record it on your mobile phone or some other device. The recording should last for at least 2 hours –to put you to sleep and to make you listen to it while you are sleeping i.e. while you are in a gamma state-state when your body is sleeping and your mind is awake and thus susceptible to your voice i.e. suggestions. It’s a kind of do it yourself hypnosis. It proves very successful in my case even though it took me two months to completely recover.

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