Why Men Can’t Handle a Woman With a Pure & Empathetic Soul

Why Men Can’t Handle a Woman With a Pure & Empathetic Soul

Empaths are beautiful beings. They make for amazing friends, devoted partners, and trustworthy family members. However, when it comes to emphatic women, they often have problems finding luck in love

There are some reasons why men are afraid of women with a pure and empathetic soul, no matter how beautiful they may be:


Men are scared of opening up and being vulnerable

Due to society’s expectations and sometimes toxic masculinity, most men try with all their power to retain their idea of strength and masculinity. This includes not being an open book and not letting a woman get too close.

This is a common misconception of toxic masculinity. If you never let a woman see you in a vulnerable state, you will always feel weak and vulnerable. The paradox is: as soon as you start showing your weaknesses to the woman you love, you will feel stronger and more secure.

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Men are scared of sharing

Along with other misconceptions of gender roles, it’s generally considered that sharing of emotions and thoughts is feminine. That’s why most men have the tendency of closing themselves off in order to not come off as too girly with over-sharing of their emotions.

Empathic women simply love talking about emotions and they easily understand when something is bothering their partner. Some men may find it scary to be such an open book in front of someone and would rather stay closed in their shell.

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Men are afraid of giving over too much control

Being in a relationship with a woman who has a pure and empathetic soul is beautiful. But it can be scary for some members of the male sex. It means putting your heart in the hands of another person who is absolutely aware and conscious of what it means.

Many men cannot handle this type of loss of control. They would rather find a damsel in distress or a woman who is not as pure so they could keep their power and control.


Men are afraid of personalities and behaviors they aren’t used to

This is valid for all people, not only men. After all the social interactions we’ve had in our life. And there were millions of them – we get used to seeing a certain pattern of behavior among people.

There are both positive and negative patterns in the way most people behave. For example, most people are generally polite in public and avoid conflict. On the other hand, the majority of people have a tendency to lie and be dishonest.

When you’re dating an empathetic soul. You will come face to face to a type of personality you’ve probably never come across in your life. This can be hard to handle for people looking to stay inside their comfort zones.

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