Devious Lover

Devious Lover: How to Be in Relationship with a One


Honesty is one of the basic principles of loving relationships. So, how can you live with and love someone who’s devious? Is it possible to come to peace with all their flaws and bad habits and still stay in a relationship? Here’s what it’s like to be in a relationship with a devious lover:

  1. You Second Guess Everything

Your lying partner will make you feel like you’re going insane from paranoia and assumptions. When you’re in a relationship with someone who lies often. You are never truly sure when they are telling the truth. This is a luxury that only healthy relationships can afford. When their partner tells them something, they take it at face value. For those who are with a devious lover, communication is utterly broken. No statement can be interpreted as 100%, so you never know where you stand.

  1. You’re Jealous

Even if you’re normally not jealous, dating a devious person can bring out this side of you. Especially if your partner has cheated on you before. When you are dating someone who has a habit of lying, you know that they could sleep with someone else and not bat an eye. That’s why you’re never sure if they’re actually meeting with their friends or that they’re “stuck at work”. Even when they are, your justified jealousy will question it.

  1. You Feel Like You Don’t Know Them

After you have been in a relationship with someone for years, you can safely say that you know the person well. On the other hand, with a devious lover, you might have the feeling that you don’t actually know who they are, even if you’ve been together for decades. Devious people have very fluid identities and personalities and even they themselves don’t know exactly who they are, so how could you?

  1. They Lie Even About Small Things

Lying about having an affair or keeping secrets is one thing, but a devious lover will constantly lie about small things, purely out of habit. Even if the truth doesn’t threaten to harm them in any way, they still choose to tell lies. This is in line with the first point: you can never tell if they’re lying, even if they gain nothing from it.

  1. Your Self-Confidence is Low

A devious lover will make you second guess them, your relationship and your own ego. It’s extremely hurtful to be lied to and cheated on: it can also do great harm to the ego. Remember, when you’re dating someone devious, you’re not only in a toxic romantic relationship, but you’re harming yourself personally.

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