Dating a Hippie Girl You’ll Find Inspiring

Dating a Hippie Girl You’ll Find Inspiring

A hippie girl rejects social laws and support human rights, open-mindedness and freedom


The hippie girl is funny, smart and beautiful. She knows how to control her male friends. Hippie girl screams adventure because she is very spontaneous. So if you want to date her, you should look like a little bit hippy and trust her blindly. Let’s see what will happen when you’re dating a free spirit girl.

People usually find themselves drawn to the opposite. For instance, if you’re a grounded type who overanalyzes things, adamantly follows a ‘To Do’ list to a T, the pragmatic, and who is always worried about the future and then chances are you’ve got type ‘A’ tendencies. So what if you’re attracted to your carefree counterpart: A Hippie Girl.


She loves freedom

She loves and values her independence and freedom more than the average girl. With a hippie girl, liberty and freedom come from her need for personal growth. They want the liberty to build their identity outside the relationship. Whether she wants to travel, eat or entertainment, being in a relationship won’t stop her from pursuing her need for freedom.


She can’t play by the rules

A hippie girl rejects social laws and supports human rights, open-mindedness, and freedom. Her behavior is not like an average girl but she is really kind and loving at her heart. She is always eager to assist people who are around.

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She has a positive approach

She is positive and genuine. Negativity can never be a part of her thoughts. If she loves you she finds something good within you. Being in love with a hippie girl, you’ll also feel good vibrations and positive energy. She radiates positivity around you, and you simply love to spend time with her. in fact, her presence will be a source of inspiration for you.


She is a music lover

Her love for music has no boundaries. She likes to go to music concerts and dance to the rhythms. She not only loves the music but lyrics also have a deep meaning to her.


She loves sex but she’s also loyal and romantic

She is not shy talking about sex. In fact, she advocates that people should get what they want. She is into sex but other traits of her personality are also influential. She is also a sincere, loving and caring soul.

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She is Spontaneous

She’s always ready for adventure. She thinks very little before deciding if it’s about traveling.  If she’ll go to a concert, she’ll always dance. In fact, she has no limitations when it comes to being adventurous.


She can’t tolerate jealousy

Jealousy makes her feel oppressed, burdened and restricted. She is the most honest and loyal girlfriend and there is no scenario of jealousy. She loves to spend time with people and make new friends so she can’t tolerate jealousy. If you feel jealous, you’ll surely lose her.

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