Settling Down in A Relationship

So, the butterflies are easing off, the late-night phone calls are toning down, the constant need to touch each other is fading. You are settling into a relationship. At this point, you are actually beginning to learn the very raw and real parts of each other. You finally get to experience what it is like to have your best friend as a partner. You are so lucky; we think when a couple finally starts to settle that is when they fall most in love.


First up, the honeymoon period of gushing over every compliment has finally chilled out. Now you get to sit in your PJs together and binge watch tv series. You will end up ignoring your friends because you would much rather stay cuddled up on the sofa together than go out and be ‘on’ all night. You are just happier being in each other’s company than being anywhere else. You don’t stop trying, of course – relationships take work to build and develop. But you do start to become more yourself around each other and that’s how you really find out if you are compatible.


You will argue. It’s okay though, it is normal to argue. You are two individuals navigating this new life as a couple. You don’t know everything about each other yet and some things the other one does will grind your gears. Argue passionately. Passion in any form shows that you are passionate about that person and you are passionate about what you are arguing about. But also, apologize. Even if your stubbornness tells you that you did nothing wrong. Your partner is hurt, and you had something to do with it. Say sorry, after all, you had something to do with your partner’s feelings and we don’t ever condone thinking it is okay to upset your lover!


Find a routine but don’t be boring. It’s okay to have some things that fall into a routine, maybe it’s the way you both get ready in the morning or the way you say goodbye before you go to work. Fine, but don’t allow each day together to be just routine. Mix things up, make memories or somehow you will look back on a year that just fades into one routine after another. Decide on activities to do together or plan date nights each week – do things you will look back on fondly in years to come and remember how much love you felt for one another and how awesome it is to make memories with each other too.


If you love them and if they love you, share that love as often and as meaningfully as you can. Love is precious and when we are so honored to find it, we should cherish every second of feeling it. Make loving gestures, think about your partner’s desires and surprise them with things you know they will love and that will make them feel loved. It could be as simple as one of you is a morning person and the other one is completely not, make them a cup of tea and kiss them on the forehead – they are much more likely to wake up with a smile feeling your love! More on love in this article Love, Lust, and Infatuation.

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