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Sex-Positive Movement: Blessing Or a Curse?

The sex-positive movement is a social movement practiced by singles to embrace their sexuality, sexual freedom, and expression


The new phenomenon of sex-positive has taken over young and old singles alike in the world.


What is the sex-positive movement?

It focuses on consensual and safe sex between a variety of different partners. Basically put, it promotes having sex with anyone you’d like as long as you use contraception.


Since dating and hookups are causing anxiety and other social evils. will urge you to get married and then go for sex and other bodily pleasure.


Misconceptions About Sex

There’s a big misconception about sex. Modern believes are that if you have sex with whoever you want. You feel will freer and in control of your body.

It is said that sex can be practiced between all genders at any given moment. But this, factually, is not true. Giving your body to any stranger you meet will have an emotional toll on you.

Sex is an act that should be between a man and a woman who love each other unconditionally.


One-night stands and Hookups

After reading up on hundreds of individuals who have been disappointed through online dating. And after witnessing the aftermaths of one-night stands and hooking up for fun. I have come to the conclusion that having casual sex out of lust is a recipe for disaster.

Having sex with a multitude of partners on the weekly is emotionally draining and exhausting.

If you have one-night stand hookups you take the risk of everybody knowing what happened. Because it’s not a sacred and private act anymore, you open yourself to public scrutiny.

At first, it can be fun. But later it will make you feel unwanted and used. And even though activists for this sex-positive movement differs from my opinion.

I’m sure that deep down inside, they feel empty. And they are trying to fill their emotional gaps with having sex with different partners.

Read here: if you want some insight on how sex can change a relationship.


Committed relationships

I have created this Marriage Matchmaking site to encourage singles to find the partner of their dreams.

Someone you can commit to and who you can privately share your most inner sexual desires with.

Having belief in sex-positive movement means you are ready to sleep with a lot of different partners. This will cheapen the intimate act and makes you feel cheap too.

Sex should be with someone you trust and feel safe with. A person who shares your hopes and dreams and who fulfills you in every way.

Having a sexual experience shouldn’t be only physical, it should be an emotional experience. Sex is better with someone that you love completely and truly.

Being with someone you love can give you the freedom to express yourself vividly in the privacy of your own home.

Sex is sacred and we should keep it between two people who are in a marriage only relationship.

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