Do’s & Don’ts of Keeping Secrets In Relationship

Do’s & Don’ts of Keeping Secrets In Relationship 

 We have all had a secret at least once, right? However, the real question is whether we should share all of them with our partner or not


Apparently, if we go for keeping secrets and lies, it’s going to damage our relationship, resulting in the breakup. Relationships are built on trust and the bond of love between partners requires loyalty. But should we share all the secrets? Well, let me tell you to do’s & don’ts of keeping secrets in a relationship.



Your sexual history

Never tell your partner about your past sexual affairs. That was your past. Don’t bring it back. However, you must share any health issues like STD statuses. There is no need to discuss your past sexual experience in detail with your partner. It will bring no benefits to your relationship.

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Keep your personal behaviors secret

All of us do some weird things and it’s quite normal. Some of these aspects include eating a whole cake while watching a soccer match on TV. It has zero advantage in your relationship and it’s always good to keep such secrets because they kill the romance and mystery in the relationship.

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You don’t like your partner’s friend

If your partner’s friend is really annoying, even then there is no need to mention that. The reason is that your partner has confidence in his friend and your negative comments will ruin his confidence. Sharing your feelings about every one of his buddies will only cause friction.


You dislike his family members

Well, it is quite a tough secret to keep but it’s really important. Well, you can take a diplomatic approach. You should neither say that you love them nor should you say that you hate them. If they have bad habits, your partner will sooner or later recognize that, so don’t worry!




Money troubles

If there is true love, don’t worry about sharing money matters with your partner. So clearly tell your partner about money problems like you’re facing problems in paying back a huge debt. Remember, you can’t keep such things secret for a long time. And when they’d reveal, they can end the spell of your relationship.


Your struggle with addiction

Whether you had an addiction in the past or it’s happening now, you should share it with your partner. Keep in mind the fact that addiction requires treatment, medication and most importantly care.


How you spend money

Well, you need not be accountable for every single penny. However, you must be open and honest with your partner about any big purchase or savings. It will help both of you to plan the future.


If you feel jealous

If you’re not comfortable with certain things or behaviors of your partner, feel free to share. In this way, you can avoid misconceptions and it’s great for the development of a romantic relationship. If you’re still single and looking for a love partner, register at, the world’s leading marriage site. Here you’ll find thousands of profiles from all over the world.

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