Signs That It’s Too Late to Save the Relationship

Signs That It’s Too Late to Save the Relationship

Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and start from scratch, rather than trying to fix the broken mess that was once the center of your world


While it is possible to save the relationship from one of the many signs below, it is statistically unlikely.

When we are in the middle of a toxic relationship, it can blind us to the better possibilities that are out there.

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Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You

Sadly, a lack of respect on a regular basis is a red flag that means that it’s too late to save the relationship. By disrespecting you, your partner is, unfortunately, providing evidence that they do not love you.

A lack of respect is a clear sign of a lack of empathy – a character trait known to be found in psychopaths and narcissists. Real love is patient and kind, and there is no room for disrespect. Respect is a basic common courtesy that one should give to all human beings, and especially to a lover.

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You Fight All the Time

Occasional disagreements are healthy in a relationship but if you are fighting every day, and struggling to compromise it might be too late to save the relationship. Sometimes a relationship falls apart and all that is left is the dream of a better future to keep you together.

However, if you can’t see eye to eye on important things like your values, beliefs and general world view, the disagreements will never stop. When a relationship reaches the point when saying “I love you” or having a good conversation is a distant memory, it’s time to move on. Likewise, if you aren’t even speaking at all this is a clear sign that things need to change or it isn’t going to work.


Cheating and Lies

Cheating and major lies as a onetime occurrence leave room for the possibility of a second chance. But when the second chance becomes a third, a fourth or an all-the-time thing, it might be time to reconsider where your relationship is headed. Love is blind and although you want with all your heart to believe that your partner will change, in the meantime the trust has been eroded.

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship and once it is gone, love disintegrates pretty rapidly. Don’t waste your time trying to save the relationship if there is no trust.

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Your Partner Shows No Signs of Self Development

If you are making all of the efforts, there is no hope to save the relationship as change is only possible if your partner shows signs of self-development. As much as we wish we could change other people, you simply can’t force a person to change into who you want them to be.

Even if you can see their potential, the fact remains that they have to change themselves out of their own desire for self-betterment. It is not your right or your responsibility to get them to be a better version of themselves, and holding onto a fantasy of who they could be will only waste your time in the long run.

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