Cheating and Infidelity: A Relationship Curse

Cheating and Infidelity – How to Deal With it?

Infidelity is a modern day dating curse. Does your partner cheat on you? yes? Maybe your partner was cheated on in their past relationship


Whatever the reasons may be, infidelity can have the damning effects on an individual, on a relationship and on any future pursuits of love.

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Hitters & Liars Are Now Common

Unfortunately, the dating world now sees more infidelity in relationships than it should.

We think casual dating apps websites have given birth to hitters and liars. These kinds of serial daters are now common. Hence cheating seems to be the new order of modern day dating world. However, If you choose that long term commitment isn’t for you, we don’t judge.

Everyone has the right to explore their love life in the way they choose if it does not hurt anybody else. If casual dating is your thing, make sure you are upfront and honest about it to ensure nobody gets hurt in the process.

If you have ever been cheated on, firstly, we are so sorry that you are part of our club. It isn’t a nice feeling and no matter how much your insecurities tell you; you didn’t deserve that to happen to you.


Cheaters Are Cowards

Cheaters are cowards who either don’t know how to end a relationship or are greedy individuals who think they can have their cake and eat it.

Experiencing infidelity in a relationship can not only result in that relationship breaking down. But it can also leave behind some nasty scars for the individual who was deceived.


Infidelity Leaves Us Haunted

When we love another person, we give them out trust and expect honesty and loyalty. If this is mistreated, it can affect our ability to give this to another.

It can be very hard to leave behind past experiences such as this and as a result, it may even affect your future relationship.

Being a partner to someone who has been deceived in such a way requires tonnes of patience and ample amounts of opportunities to prove you are different. Unfortunately, not everybody has this within them to give. We can blame the victim to bring their past into their present without really considering how they must feel.

If you are lucky enough to find an individual who is able to cope with your insecurities. They will often help you mend the areas of your heart that were broken before they met you.

If you are still with your partner after they cheated, we applaud you. It takes great guts and a strong will to be able to work through such deceit. For some, it can be a one-time mistake that is never replayed and helps both parties to grow independently and grow stronger together. The person in that relationship that has forgiven will never forget, however. It will take lots of work to mend those bridges and will require a lot of patience to prove your worth as their partner. For more information on trusting your partner after lies, have a read of this article.

For other relationships, the first deception is not always the last. Some individuals see their partner’s forgiveness as a green light to behave inappropriately again. Don’t ever be that person. You will damage your significant other for life. They not only gave you their trust and their loyalty once, but they decided to give you it again. Make sure you deserve it, don’t take it for granted.

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