Traits Of a Guy

This is What Makes a Guy Irresistibly Sexy


There are certain things about males that drive women crazy. In fact, they can’t control it. Have you ever seen a woman acting like a little girl when in the vicinity of a handsome guy, brimming with inner qualities while you were asking yourself ‘What’s so special about this guy?’ Chances are he has one or more of the traits we are going to list below. The thing is, even if he has just one of these traits duly developed he will have more women falling in love with him than he can ever imagine. And when he fuses them together he will become fascinating and seductive to women.



Having confidence will build attraction with any woman and the fastest way to be attracted to any girl. No matter how you look or educational background you have if you are confident the world is yours. Men with low self-esteem are virtually invisible when a man with strong self-assurance stands next to him. Confidence is much easier to develop than the rest of the traits we’re going to discuss today.

The first step would be to show gratitude for all the things you have in your life, no matter how small they are. Because when you thank God or Universe for all that you have you will be overwhelmed with the feeling of abundance and it will bring even more things in your life which will make you more confident. It’s only then that you will see how awesome your life is. Also, get out or in the gym and improve your physical appearance. We may lie to ourselves but our looks influence our confidence much more than we think.



His charm can captivate any woman if it is well-grounded i.e. if you can delight, attract and fascinate others. There are many means of achieving this but the most subtle one is through giving compliments. Honest compliments though. Manners are also important i.e. the way you talk, smile, ask and answer questions. Women will first notice if you are attractive and pleasing and this along with your sense of humor are main components of charm.



Being resourceful and chivalrous is definitely still in. Actually, it was never out of fashion and women still find it very attractive whenever a man is being cavalier. The problem is that the millennials don’t even know what it means so they parents should really do hard work if they want their sons to be gentlemen one day. Whenever you act like a gentleman you stand out above the others. Opening doors, pulling chairs out, holding her hands… Just don’t overdo it because you can come off as a pushover and needy.


Passion And Talent

To complete the list, there is nothing more appealing and attractive to a woman than a man who is totally engrossed in his passion or is unbelievably talented at something. When a man is passionate about something he gets engrossed in that object of worship, and living with such purpose is the number one thing that makes a man attractive to women.

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