Warning Signs That Your Marriage Might be in Trouble


If you’re married, one of your worst fears is probably that your marriage will fall apart. However, this happens to a lot of people and there are no couples that are immune to issues. The most important thing is to acknowledge the issue and start working on it to save your marriage. How can you know that your marriage might be in trouble in the first place? There are some usual signs that show that your relationship has gone south:

Lack of Common Interests

When you first started dating and then later got married, you and your spouse shared a bunch of similar interests. You enjoyed the same movie genres, music artists, activities, sports… This also enabled you to spend huge amounts of time together. Now, it seems as if you don’t have anything in common. Even when you’re both up for doing something together, there’s simply no activity that would please you both. It looks as though you’ve become completely different persons.

Lack of Communication

When you live with your spouse under the same roof for years, things can get so comfortable that a lack of communication can slip under your radar. Of course, you talk to your spouse on a daily basis – well, you have to! Every married couple talks about their obligations, future meetings, kids and meals. But, do you remember when was the last time you and your partner had a deep, meaningful conversation?

Arguing over everything

If there is underlying tension over a deep-rooted issue in a marriage, it will resurface as an argument over the tiniest issues. You might find yourself arguing with your spouse about the temperature of the room or the color of the walls. This is a classic sign that your marriage might be in trouble. Compatible and intimate people simply don’t have that much inspiration to argue; especially not over trivial matters.

No Intimacy

This is usually one of the first signs couples notice when things go wrong. If you’re lacking connection in the bedroom, it’s probably because of a bigger issue outside of it. To make things worse, the longer you go without sex, the bigger the issue it becomes. Remember to talk this matter out with your partner instead of letting it be an elephant in the room.

You Don’t Spend Any Quality Time Together

As adults, we all have many obligations, from work, children to home chores and social lives. However, loving couples always find a way to set apart a time especially for them. If you can’t remember the last time you had a great time with your partner, it might be a sign that your marriage is in trouble.

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