What Are The Dreams of a Woman

What Are The Dreams of a Woman?

Many people often say that women are hard to read. They also say women don’t know what they want or dream about the relationship


In order to understand what are the dreams of a woman. You need to know the difference between men and women.

This article will give an insight into the dreams that women really want in life. Hopefully, moving forward you can take these into consideration and be able to navigate the female psyche with more understanding.



Yes, equality is one of the core dreams of a woman. We know this is starting to sound pretty feminist, but we are okay with that. Being a feminist is not as radical as jumping in front of a horse whilst it is running. Being a feminist is more about actually wanting life to be equal for both men and women.

We know loads of male feminists and we love them the most. Women want to be treated as an equal partner in any relationship. It is a dream of a woman that her gender is not used against her as a weapon. They roll their eyes when men ask them if they are on our period because we aren’t having a good day; get over it already!  Women want men to treat them as equal and all will be well.



Just as much as men are seen to be success chasers, the dreams of a woman are no less than the success. Now, this can be whatever you think success is; it really varies depending on the individual. Some see success as climbing the career ladder and having loads of money. Others see it as raising children, others see it as living in a campervan and traveling the world. Whatever it is, we dream about it all the time.



Again, this can be different for each individual. Most people’s first reaction when you say you want stability is to assume you want loads of money so you can live more than comfortably; this might be true for some.

However, stability can also look at your relationship, your job, your home and so on. Even within these categories, it can vary. A stable relationship may look like one where each individual provides equally to the household. It may look like one person is the breadwinner, it may look like you are in a relationship with your best friend in the world. And for some, it could look like something much safer than previous relationships. The same applies to your job and home. Finding stability in either is one of the most desired dreams of a woman.


Emotional Maturity

This one refers directly to what women want in their partners. Women dream of finding a suitable mate that has a level of emotional maturity that matches their own. This opens up doors to things like healthy communication and being able to resolve conflict in a mature and grown-up way.

We don’t want brute strength over the conversation! Being able to have fun with your significant other is very important, but there can’t be fun without emotional maturity too.

Women want to be able to find a partner who will be able to communicate about everything and anything in a mature way, when necessary.

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