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What Are The Reasons Why a Woman Loves you But Prefers To Hide Feelings

Sometimes, a woman can be in love with you; however, she does not want to accept or reveal her feelings to you. She does hide her feeling so that you could not take her for granted


She prefers to hide her feeling for you and might show that she is perfectly fine.  And she does not express her feelings till the day or event when she is dead sure that you have taken initiative.  It can leave you confused and irritated to see her not accepting her feelings.

If you both are in a relationship, and she is deciding to suppress her feelings, then it can take away the true essence of the relationship. You can choose to work on the relationship and communicate with her to make things better or choose to dump the relationship and begin a new one with another woman.

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Moreover, if you have been together for quite some time. You would try to resolve things and make your relationship work. It is significant to learn the possible reasons that she is secretly in love with you but hide it from you. Some of these reasons have been described below:

  1. She is Afraid

If a woman is unaware of your feelings for her, then she might be afraid to reveal her feelings as well. She would be anxious to reveal her love for you. But at the same time, she is afraid that you might not treat her the way she desires. The sense of uncertainty would motivate her to hide her feelings for you. Most of the women happen to be scared of taking the first step so give her some space to manage the relationship her way.

  1. She is Limiting the Pain of Breakup

She is concerned about the potential pain in case of a breakup. And she does not want to accept something that could lead her to extreme pain in the relationship. If your partner is not accepting her feelings for you and continuously feeling insecure, then try to remind her there is nothing that will change your feelings for her.

She needs to let go of her insecurities and enjoy the beauty of the relationship.

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  1. She Thinks Less of Herself

She might be thinking that you deserve a better partner than her. This could be the possible reason that she is not expressing her feelings. She is worried that you do not feel the same way for her. Eventually, this could be the fundamental reason for the failure of the relationship.

People often think that utilizing insecure means to get the attention of their partner could be the ideal way to be in a great relationship. However, if you work on your personality and develop a confident personality. It will increase your chances to enjoy a successful relationship.

If you care and love a woman, then you should not be afraid to express your feelings to her.  Know women’s nature and try to take the initiative first. Go to her and confess your feelings. Give her pride in being loved. Meet your love partner at GoMarry.com and let a marriage meeting decide your future.

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