What is a Cupcake Phase in a Relationship & How to Keep it Going

What is a Cupcake Phase in a Relationship & How to Keep it Going

The cupcake phase of the relationship is the cutest part of being part of a new couple. It means doing all those lovey-dovey things and being inseparable from your partner


The cupcake phase of each relationship ends as partners get to know each other better. Slowly, you’re beginning to de-idealize the person you’re with and your hormones start cooling down. When you two are apart, all you’re able to think about is the next time you will be together.

People have two reactions to the cupcake couples: ‘awww’ and ‘yuck’. The reason is that some people consider it’s sweet and loving, while others think it’s corny and fake.

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Well, it’s definitely something no one is immune to. You can hide it in public as much as you want, but as soon as you get together with your partner, you will feel your heart melt and that goofy smile back on your fact.


This is when you enter different phases of your ongoing relationship. It seems like no one would ever break up if the cupcake phase lasted forever. So, how can you keep it going as long as possible?

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  1. Cuddle and kiss a lot

One of the main characteristics of the cupcake phase is a lot of physical touches. After partners get used to each other, they usually don’t experience that much of an urge to kiss or touch their partner.

If you want to cupcake phase to keep going, keep the cuddling to the max. Don’t be afraid of showing your soft side and kiss, hug and cuddle your partner, even if you’re a guy.


  1. Spend a lot of time together

Partners usually become more distant after the cupcake phase because they simply start spending way less time with each other. If you want to keep the happy times rolling, spend as much time with your partner as possible.


  1. Do cute things and surprises

The first few weeks of dating are full of sweet things, surprises and unpredictability. Don’t let the dark shadow of routine enter your cute relationship. Keep up the cute nicknames, surprise each other with little gifts or tokens of affection!


  1. Keep the sex up

When the cupcake phase is over, you might start having sex less often than you did in your cupcake phase. It’s very important that you have sex often because it’s responsible for some of the lovey-dovey cupcake hormones such as Oxytocin, the hormone of intimacy and connection and endorphin, the hormone of happiness.


  1. Try new things

Remember how you went on exciting and fresh dates every time you saw each other in the first couple of weeks? There’s no need to stop with this tradition!

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