How to Understand Women To Avoid Lifelong Arguments


With due respect to the universal thesis or truths like:

  • We are all different
  • Every man is different
  • Every woman is different
  • Our brains function  differently
  • Cultural, religious, national and geographical differences also matter,

I would say that in most cases when a man says yes- he means it, unlike women. That’s the point of the whole discussion on the above-mentioned theme. So, it would be much easier if women are to be more straightforward like men. It would be calm to whether a lifelong argument storm.


Falling In Love & getting Committed In a Relationship

Our brains are hardwired very differently.  If you want to be successful in your love life, you have to understand these differences. There are always exceptions to the rule but generally, men are all about the moment. They want to feel good right now. Women, on the other hand, are all about the future. And can be very obsessed with looking in the distance for the relationship.

Women want to know what’s going to happen 3 months or even 3 years down the line. In other words, women don’t want to invest themselves emotionally. And otherwise, like investing their time or energy in a man. If they don’t know how the relationship is going to unfold down the line. Men are sorted the opposite. While women are depicting the future trying to figure out so many things from how he is going to fit in their family to when he will settle down, men are at the moment. That’s why women are so frustrated sometimes. They see this man’s characteristic as selfishness which in fact it is.


So, the advice for the women would be to reverse the situation and play at the moment.

What do you think? That you are going to have more fun on a date if you suddenly become a saint? I doubt it. If you are to see what the future holds for you, you will maybe run away from a date. So, enjoy the moment and let men worry about the future instead of you. It’s proven that men more like such women. There are greater chances that they are going to marry such girls. As opposed to serious and analyzing ones! If you only slow down the tempo of every moment you will actually enjoy it! It will launch that deep connection between the two of you. If he is the right man for you. Because most women have this sense of urgency when they are dating like: Is this going to go somewhere, does he want a relationship and so o

These are important things to know but once you realize you are on the same page, looking for the same things, trying to fast forward and figure out how everything is going to unfold is really kind of hazardous to the attraction and connection. Because it switches you out of the moment and throws you into unhealthy energy.


By enjoying one moment at a time you can create a positive experience with a man.


It switches something in the mind of a man because you behave just like him – living in a moment – and he likes you because of that. It makes him want to keep coming to you and make sure that he fits in your life and in your schedule so he can keep seeing you more and more and more, just because they want to feel good at the moment. If you can really give a man an experience of just really joyful, fun, positive moments with you when you are not occupied so much about the future, you’ll see a sudden change in him and he will start to come towards you more.


He may also start talking about the future when he sees that YOU are not worried about it.

Women should start intuiting what’s going on around them and when they are in that place of carelessness man can really fall in love with them. Also, men want a deep acceptance from a woman. A lot of them feel terrible about themselves deep down, on a subconscious or even conscious level, or have low self-respect. They feel uncomfortable with their emotions or sexual desires. All this stuff is going on under that hard wall they built around themselves just like women do, but with men, it is even more dramatic and drastic sometimes. That’s why they want to be 100% accepted for who they are, not who they are pretending to be, not for this person they show out in the world, but for who they really are deep down.


This acceptance begins with oneself.

A man will never believe a woman will accept him until he believes that she accepts herself, that she loves all parts of herself, that she feels safe with herself. Only then will he start to open up to her. In the end, both men and women must give each other the privilege to see the weaker part of one another since they will not feel obliged to be perfect either. If you are looking for a serious partner, Try GoMarry.com. There are thousands of like-minded men and women that are looking to settle down.

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