What Is Ego & How It Destroys Relationship — [Be Aware]

Ego is all about I, me and myself, nothing about us, or the two of us. Also, the ego is a cluster of beliefs we have gathered so far based on which we form an opinion about ourselves and the world around us. Our self-image thus can be positive, positive, inaccurate, negative, or negative. Its influence on our relationships is immense since we behave towards other humans according to what about ourselves. It can make us irrational, stubborn, critical, greedy, competitive in an unhealthy way, and above all, it pushes other people away from us.

Some of the signs that your ego is ruining your relationship:

  1. You always need to defend yourself before even listening to what your partner has to say to you.
  2. You are not ready to separate your ego from yourself to commit to someone else, to cultivate and maintain a lovely relationship.
  3. If it’s always in your way it can ruin any chance of normal conversation with your partner. Every word will be understood as an attack on your personality.


Ego Loves Drama and Fear

Ego loves drama and fear and is most obvious while we (our egos) are arguing. It’s then when we should confront it together with our partner and reveal its true nature to go beyond it to prevent it to behave in the same way in the futureSo, if your ego, your pride is always getting in the way of your relationship then saving one can be a painful process.
Sentences like “I’m perfect”, “I don’t need to change”, “What I do or think is right” are not the best friends of your relationship since no one will bother themselves to stay in such a relationship. It’s normal that the person we fall in love with exposing some of our weaknesses. If we let ego in our way we will never work on these weaknesses and will ruin everything.

Self Praising

We are expecting to find someone who loves us for who we are while we are repeating:” I’m perfect. There’s nothing wrong with me.” Would you be with such a person? I guess not. They usually enjoy being in a relationship with a person who pops up their ego and flatters them. But that’s not a relationship, that’s a one-way street. One thus must understand that nothing will make him better, the best version of himself than dropping one’s ego, admitting one’s weaknesses, and working on them.
Because when you say that you are not perfect and that you have to fix some things your partner will be very compassionate. This is the point where you understand each other and bring compassion to your relationship. You will put your love first over the ego and particular rules you have used to live by so far. Only then will love to win and suppress the selfishness of the ego.

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