Where There Is Love, There is Life

Where There Is Love, There is Life – Is it True?

Although life can outlive any love on Earth, love is the essential force that makes life much easier, more bearable and above all worth living


Love is the true essence of life.  It not only blesses two partners but it also helps them grow mature into a life of mutual care. Love is the only fabric that makes colorful patterns of society. Yes ! it is the love that makes people live in harmony and peace. Love helps people live happily and urges them to build a life around it. But at the same, it gives birth to a new life.

There are people who are lucky enough to always have someone to love them, and yes I mean a lover, not a cousin or pet.

These are the happiest people on Earth and their simple truth goes something like this: “Just be patient with your partner and he will turn into a Prince in no time.”

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Love is the lucky charm for us

The older I get the more I believe in one true love that can make a life worth living and laughing. Some are happy enough to find their significant others early on in their lives.  While others wait a bit until the love thunder strokes them but nevertheless, both are happy.


It is great to be loved & treasured

Someone is in love with you means that someone is thinking about you all day long. Someone likes to give you small gifts at the end of the day. They love you means that someone trusts you with all their heart. It means you can count on him too whenever you feel a need to confide in him.


Unconditional love is the most beautiful thing

Unconditional love is the most beautiful one and it’s not only common in parents and kids. Lovers can also feel this kind of love after a certain number of years and amount of trust built between them. A kind of love when you receive without asking and love without being asked so.

Such love with no limitations is proved to prolong our lives. People say it’s a rare phenomenon I just think they didn’t look carefully at their own hearts.

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Insecurities shouldn’t harm your love

All of us are capable and competent to love and be loved unconditionally in life. Only fear can prevent us from doing so and the fear almost always makes us stumble and fall in the advent of new love. It’s because we really think we are not worthy enough and that we are too weak to endure the overwhelming happiness of real love in this life. Actually, we don’t believe we deserve it which is ironical. It means that we think that we don’t deserve life. It’s the same.


You may have noticed that the people who are relaxed and calm in general have more happiness in life. It’s simple physics. You can’t attract something especially not love if you are lifeless or in spasm.


Life is all about love

When you love someone nothing feels hard to do, nothing is far enough and everything is attainable. Psychologists say that the crucial thing to do is to keep this kind of a mindset even when one is not in love. Easily said than done because you miss your love companion to tell you that everything is going to be all right and that tomorrow is another day!

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