What Is Duty Dating And Why You Should Give it a Shot

What Is Duty Dating And Why You Should Give it a Shot

One thing is for sure: dating is complicated. Not only is it a hard and complex process of finding your ideal partner, but it’s also filled with landmines


Duty dating is a term that basically implies dating anyone that comes your way. There is no single way to do dating right. That’s why there are many modern practices that have cropped up nowadays. One of them is Duty Dating. If you want to try something new and get out of your comfort zone, you should definitely try it.


What is Duty Dating?

Dating anyone that comes your way is called duty dating. Sounds weird? Well, it can surely feel like it from time to time. Nevertheless, there are many benefits and perks you can get from trying out this dating style.

Whenever someone asks you out, say yes, no matter if you’re attracted to the person or not. Try to get as many dates as you can and get yourself out there. You can date multiple people at the same time. If you’re wondering whether this is a smart idea, continue reading for the pro sides of this type dating.

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  1. It Boosts Your Self-Confidence

If you are running low on self-esteem, duty dating can definitely do the trick. We are evolutionarily wired to feel great about ourselves when we’re attracted to the opposite sex. So, the more dates you land, the better you can expect to feel about yourself. Duty dating is a great cure for break up blues as well.

  1. It Helps You Find Out What You Want

Duty dating is great for indecisive people and for those who are not yet sure what they are looking for in a partner. Many opponents of duty dating claim that it’s useless to go out with someone who we don’t like. Duty dating practitioners, on the other hand, claim that this has many benefits.

By going out with people you don’t immediately find attractive, you can broaden your horizons and push yourself outside your dating comfort zone. It allows you to pinpoint exactly what you like and dislike about potential partners. This way, you can enter relationships with clearer goals and expectations.

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  1. It’s a Great Way to Break your Routines

If you feel like you got into a bit of a rut when it comes to your dating life, duty dating will catapult you miles away from your comfort zone. It’s great for pushing your own boundaries and finding out new things about yourself. If you’re ready for a path of self-improvement and growth, try duty dating.

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