Wild Man

Wild Man: Attributes & How to Tame The One


A wild man is often attractive to the opposite sex because of his careless attitude and reckless abandon. They can be fun and exciting, and to many women, extremely sexy. But these wild men are always pushing boundaries and acting out of self-interest. Still, many women think they have what it takes to wrangle in that bad boy. If you are ready to put in the hard work and go the distance for the wild man you love. Here are a few tips to help you on your journey.



Stay Independent

If a long-term relationship is a goal, don’t make yourself dependent on your man. Your dependency is not only a turn off to him, but the chase is over. Your independence will put you in a position of power and make him want you that much more. Have you ever noticed that bad boys are often surrounded by women you will do anything for them him – don’t be like them? Separate yourself from the pack and do your own thing. He will take notice.


Update Your Style

A wild man often has the pick of women. Make sure you stand head and shoulders above them. No need to break the bank to polish your style, but pay more attention to your outer appearance. However clichéd, bad boys are many times image obsessed. If you want to catch one then you’re going to have to start looking the part.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Dating someone emotionally immature can be a drain on anyone. If you’re constantly nagging, making big scenes, and ratcheting up the drama, you will be pushing your wild man further and further away. Try to keep an even keel, and show him how to keep big emotions from getting the best of you.


Stay A Mystery

It’s hard for a bad boy to pinpoint exactly what he wants in a woman, but if you give everything away your mystic will fade quickly. Remember wild men like a chase, so beat him at his own game. Play up your unpredictability; show him how you work hard and how hard you play, you’re a captivating vixen and a dependable family woman. This will keep him on his toes and constantly guessing who is.


Be Ambitious

Sexy, smart, and a go-getter. Only the most confident men would be secure enough to ask you out. Keep your head and your goals high. Your wild man is likely to admire a woman who exhibits the self-assurance that he works so hard to cultivate for himself.


Remember that if you have to completely change yourself, values and morals for someone then they are just not worth it. He’s not going to change for you, so why would you compromise yourself for him? But, if you find yourself enhancing your already wonderful qualities for the sake of a relationship, you may see a wonderful payoff. People and bad boys alike like to surround themselves with individuals that radiate positivity, confidence, and health.

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