Lithromantic: Signs that You’re the One


It simply means feeling attractive to people, and crushing them is normal human behavior. Lithromantic is that if you think that the other people are attractive and you love them only in theory. People with a romantic way of thinking often understand other lithromantic people. Lithromantic is also recognized as a romantic when a person experiences romantic love for other people; however, does not have any desire to get mutual associated feelings. A lithromantic person might or might not show any desire for a romantic relationship.


Some of the most common signs have been described here:


  1. Losing feelings of love with the passage of time


You might have started a new relationship, and things were going perfectly fine in the beginning; however, you started feeling less connected towards your partner over time. You might only be experiencing sexual feelings for your partner. This is their way of feeling romance in the relationship. Your feelings get a sudden twist, and you start exhibiting different emotions. It happens in normal relationships as well, but it is very quick and obvious in lithromantic people.


  1. Feeling discomfort


Someone initiating the conversation and the person attracts you romantically. You start feeling uncomfortable talking about that specific person. You will be unable to address your inner wave of fading love for your partner. It is difficult for a lithromantic person to recognize and accept their feelings. They will stop feeling for their partner when someone else starts talking about them in public places.


  1. No desire for a romantic relationship


A healthy relationship is all about enjoying the positive and healthy romance associated with it. However, a lithromantic person does not feel the urge of initiating romance with their partner. They might feel romantic feelings for others but have no intentions to receive the same feelings back from their partner.  This makes it difficult to determine the true essence of a relationship. When a person wants to be with someone. But has no desire to engage physical intimacy with his or her partner. It can be a difficult situation, and you might need relationship advice of


We all face sad and distressful situations in our lives. We feel emotional connect with most of the things. If you fail to feel emotional connectivity with people and certain situations for a longer duration. then there are chances that you are a lithromantic person.


  1. Being afraid of romance


It is normal for lithromantic people to feel afraid of the concept of romance. They do not intend to participate in any romantic activity with their partner, which makes their relationship harder. Their fear holds their nerves, and they stay unable to move forward in their relations. If you have been in a lithromantic relationship and looking to get advice for your relationship, you can sign up and get perfect advice from the experts of

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