Doubts in New Relationship

Doubts in New Relationship: Find Normal & Toxic Signs


You started seeing someone, and things were going perfectly fine. You were doing all the essential and important things for your partner and relationship; however, you just felt something different in the relationship. Doubts could be the most common way of feeling uncertain situations. But stay aware they can either be right or wrong. It is significant to determine the normal and toxic signs of your doubts. Which could assist in identifying uncertain situations and take the best decision about the future of your collaboration?


We have compiled some normal and toxic signs in the early relationships for you here:

  1. Is my partner going to be faithful to me


This is one of the most common doubts in new relationships. If you got cheated in your past and your partner has ditched someone else before, there are chances that he or she will do the same again. If you have continuously questioned the trustworthiness of the partner, it can be a sign of normal early doubt of the relationship.

On the other hand, your gut feeling could indicate his unfaithfulness to the relationship. You should communicate your concerns with your partner in that situation. It will help you get the right answers. Remember, a lot of relationships come to an end due to this doubt, so stay cautious while putting some serious allegation of your partner. If you see clear signs of dishonesty, then move on and sign in at


  1. Does my partner like me


Your partner has been spending time with you and doing the all fun things in the relationship; however, if you think, “does he or she really like me?” is a normal doubt in the relationship. Your partner might not as expressive of their feelings as you are. You should not worry, as they have been spending time in dating you and making you happy. You should wait and believe that they will speak up for their feelings and continue your efforts to make your relationship stronger.


However, if the time of becoming sure about his or her attention and intentions for you, then it is a sign that there is something messy going on. Your partner might be looking for someone else, and you can be just a time pass partner for him or her.


  1. Do we have the same core values


Core values determine the personal approach of a person towards certain circumstances of life. One great example of different core values between partners could be the capability issue. Like one in putting hard work for achieving their life goal but on the other hand, the other partner might not be interested in exerting extra effort or having a goal-oriented perspective of his or her life. This could bring conflicting situations among couples.


It is extremely important to establish the same core values and goals in a relationship. If you have doubts that your partner is not supporting and showing interest in your life choices, this could be a toxic sign to the relationship that they might not support you in the future as well. You should not continue such a relationship and consider getting relationship advice from our experts on


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