Feeling: How To Sort Out For a Better Life

I am not alone in saying that our feelings can sometimes be hard to decipher. We can often spend long periods of time trying to work out how we feel about a situation or person, causing us unnecessary stress and often, anxiety


Our feeling often doesn’t pay attention to our brain. The heart works on keeping us alive and giving us a whole load of confusion to sort out our feeling. For example, our brain may tell us that someone isn’t right for us, but our heart is saying leap into their arms and never leave. Usually, our brain is right on that one, but the more our heart is ignored, the louder it often shouts.

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So, we say, pay attention to your feelings and you will have much more time to work out what they mean rather than letting them torment you.


Giving Yourself Time

Sometimes, we can be far too hard on ourselves when actually, all we need is a break. Give yourself that time to face your feelings, whether good or bad. So that you can start finding some resolutions.

Let’s say that there has been deceit in your relationship. And you have a whole mixture of feelings that need to be dealt with. And that too without giving yourself the time to digest everything, you won’t know what your next move is. You will be dealing with anger, hurt, sadness, loneliness, feelings of low worth and much more. If these are not dealt with, you cannot make rational decisions on the future of your relationship. And you will take such emotions with you if you decide the relationship must end.

By allowing yourself the time to work through your feeling. You will be able to see that you deserved to be treated better and any negative feelings towards yourself are the irrational part.

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Talking Things Through

So, you’ve met a new partner and you think they are pretty great. But you aren’t sure how they feel and you don’t know how to move things forward? We have all been there, you are not alone. The benefits of talking things through together are pretty much endless. We ask you to do the brave thing and face things head on, what is the worst you can lose?

By being open and honest about how you feel may allow some feelings to be reciprocated. And if not, then at least you know that there is no progress in that partnership, and you can begin finding closure to move on. Check out The Early Stages Of Falling In Love

We really do think the possibilities are endless to allowing yourself to feel all your feelings and sharing those when necessary. You are bound to feel at peace if you can begin to understand the way you feel and how your feelings change in different situations. We believe you will know yourself better and be able to love better too!

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