Hot and Cold Guys

How to Deal With Hot and Cold Guys


Every woman wants to find her Mr. Right. We have ideas about what we are looking for and how we want our man to treat us. Unfortunately, no man is perfect and they are all going to have their down days. But not all guys are terrible people, only some of them. The ones that are really annoying to most of us, are those guys who blow hot and cold. They are so hard to work out and so difficult to understand. So what should we actually do, when we find ourselves in a relationship with someone who is hot and cold? How are we supposed to deal with these types of guys?


Dealing With Hot & Cold Behavior


Dealing with hot and cold guys is no hard nut to crack. There are a number of pieces of advice available. Unfortunately, most of the advice you are given or you read about is wrong. Dealing with hot and cold guys calls for ultimately set off a chain of events. Which will either lead to just making the relationship even worse or it will settle the things for you. Know yourself, know your partner and don’t go rushing in with any of these crazy tips you read. Also make sure that you don’t just run away from the relationship, as it is always worth fighting for.


Take Some time to Settle

To make sure that your relationship stays strong with your loved one when they are blowing hot and cold. The best thing for you to actually do is. Nothing!! Take yourself away from your partner for a few hours. Do something which is going to keep you busy and take your mind off of things. Once you feel that the time is right to go back home and face your partner. You need to make sure that you sit down together and talk about the issue. Find out why he keeps going hot and cold, possibly even try to find out his triggers.


Openness & Honesty


Openness and honesty are very important in any relationship. Even more so with a guy who blows hot and cold. So make sure you give them space and then address the subject at a better time. It will really help things in your relationship. With all that said, if you are not currently in a relationship and you want to find yourself a guy who is not going to blow hot and cold all the time, you might want to give a go.


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