Unique ? Why Your Uniqueness Makes You Hard To Love

Unique? Why Your Uniqueness Makes You Hard To Love

In our world of conformism and standards, being out of the pattern can sometimes mean something completely negative


We all have our little weird flaws. That’s what makes us human, what makes us unique. Our society provides us with the definitions of the perfect human.

There’s a theoretical image of a perfect daughter, perfect father, perfect employee… Just like that, there is a theory of the perfect partner. No human being on Earth is like this, but we still use this as a standard.

In contrast to the picture-perfect examples of ideal humans, you are a unique person. You have tons of flaws, but they are not actually flaws. These are the things that make you who you are. If you had only virtues, you would be some kind of a weird mashup between a demi-god and Stepford wife.


So, how can it be that you are a hard person to love?


  1. You Can Be A Lot to Handle

Many people are content with being in a relationship with someone who is “basic“. A unique person, on the other hand, will always be a hard pill to swallow. Even from the first days of your relationship, your partner will have to learn all the intricacies of your quirky behavior.

When you compare this to the people around you, it can be easy to see why many would rather opt for a simple relationship. Remember, most people are pragmatists and they will likely pick the easy way.


  1. Many People Run Away from Uniqueness

In line with the previous point, the fact is that the majority of people are looking for the easiest relationship they can have. With a unique person, they know they will experience new, unknown things and issues, so they are afraid of it.

Never underestimate the power of fear. The humankind is mostly afraid of the unknown, as for most people, you will fall into this category.

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  1. You’re Unpredictable

When you’re unique, your partner will not know what to expect. The usual dating and relationship patterns and behaviors don’t apply to you. That’s why your partner will simply not be sure how to behave and how to solve issues.

It might sound silly and weird, but people actually prefer predictability, especially in relationships. We can talk all we want about getting out of our comfort zone, adventures and courage, but the fact is most people will choose something they can count on.


  1. It Takes One To Know One

Along with all the previous points listed, you will have to find a special person who will cherish your uniqueness. Ordinary people will not recognize your uniqueness as something valuable and something worth loving. Don’t let this be the cause of your romantic woes for the rest of your life. When you do find someone unique for yourself, you’ll finally have the feeling of being understood and appreciated.

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