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What Are Dating Etiquette for Women

If you are lady trying to navigate the dating world, it can be pretty tricky to work out the right and wrong when it comes to dating etiquette


What is considered acceptable dating etiquette now? Do you pay? What do you wear? Are you expecting a traditional courtship, or do you go Dutch?

Learn how to avoid common dating mistakes.

We have come up with some of our best tips for navigating the dating world as a female in this article.


  1. The financials

Okay, so it can be tricky to figure out whether you should offer to pay, go halves or not offer at all. Each date will be different and expect different things. So, we suggest you pick a place that is affordable, take cash with you in anticipation, and do not choose ridiculously expensive things on the menu. This way, you can cover all your bases.

If dating etiquette requires so, you can afford to pay for the food if going halves feels most appropriate. You also don’t come across as ungrateful by choosing reasonably priced items on the menu. If they don’t accept you to pay then you know you haven’t taken their generosity for granted. If you do agree between yourself and your date that you are splitting the bill, you have come prepared.

Dating etiquette may require you to learn Going Dutch.


  1. What to wear

Well, each date is different; it depends on the time of day, the type of date, the person and the activity.

Is it your first date with a handsome stranger? Wear something comfortable and not too revealing. We should always leave the handsome stranger wanting more and the best way to do that is to not show off all your assets. And of course, by being comfortable you will be your most confident self.

If you are going to a fancy restaurant, as a female you can pretty much get away with anything except trainers. If you are more comfortable in jeans, wear a nice top and some jewelry and you will feel fabulous. If you want to make a great impression on your killer black dress, go for it. Whatever makes you feel the best version of yourself is always a winner. However, don’t wear your best dress if you are going to the cinema. This is not appropriate attire and cinemas are usually colder than you expect. Stick on a nice cardigan or jumper with your favorite skirt or trousers and keep it casual.


  1. Don’t be late

This dating etiquette is pretty self-explanatory. It is rude to arrive late to a date and may make your date feel like you don’t think it is important enough to be organized for.

Some people absolutely hate when people are late to meet them, you may start off your date on a negative footing. We suggest you plan your outfit and plan your timing. Don’t jump in the shower twenty minutes before you are due to meet. It is better to be early than it is to be late!


  1. Don’t drink too much

Regardless of the activity, avoid drinking too much alcohol. One or two glasses of wine are acceptable unless you are a lightweight; then don’t drink at all! You want to make a good impression on your potential suitor, slurring your words and losing your balance is not that!


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